Friday, March 26, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 4 Progress

I feel like I'm only blogging about my weight lately, which is a huge focus in my life right now, but we are doing other things so I'll try and get some pics up soon.

I did an official weigh in this week with our health coach and I was past the 10 lb weight loss mark (which I knew) so I qualified for a free 30-day system. This means more shakes and cleansing products for free to get me through the next month. I love free stuff and even better when I earn it. She said I was on the fast track to winning a prize so I must be doing better than most of my co-workers.

Workout wise this week:
3/20: We went to the zoo and then I did Pilates at home. I was beat after the zoo as it was a really busy day.
3/21: Day of rest and boy did my body need it
3/22: Did the Elliptical for 30 min. at the gym and Pilates at home
3/23: Elliptical for 40 min.
3/24: Elliptical for 30 min., I was cleansing this day and it's so hard for me to cleanse (no eating just drinking this nutritional cleanse drink) and workout
3/25: Got up super early and did Pilates before going to work and then an 8 hr drive for a mini-vacation.
3/26: Elliptical

I've really been trying to push myself as hard as I can on the Elliptical by either pushing the incline higher and/or the resistance higher. I'm really trying to make myself stronger and not take the easy route.

Jordan has been joining me lately in doing Pilates at home. It's been fun and boy is the resistance band a killer and really works my muscles.

Diet Wise:
Pretty typical week of shakes/bars/healthy meals. We have a yummy curry recipe and I found that it isn't bad calorie wise for the amount you get. My new food scale is awesome!

I'm pretty proud of myself for resisting free smoothies at work (they are low fat, but could be high cal depending on the yogurt, juices they use). We went to In-n-Out last night and I only had a burger and a few fries and then some carrots when I got home.

Results: 2 pounds.

I know it ebbs and flows so hoping for a bigger number next Saturday. Excited for a new week this week, working harder and getting stronger.

I am so close to getting into pre-pregnancy pants so that is my next goal and hoping by next week I'll be there.

I AM DOING THIS and am so proud of myself!


Jen said...

Great Determination - I bet you win.

Heather said...

Good work sista!

Mills Family said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with me. Congrats on achieving your goals. I love how you said you earned your 30 day system... Girl because you did. Keep it up.. Your Awesome....