Friday, April 02, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Looking forward to my update tomorrow, but in the meantime here's what's up our sleeves the next 2 weeks.

1-Meeting up with friends tonight and tomorrow night
2-Coloring eggs for Easter and the Easter bunny visits
3-April 6th Jordan leaves for Oregon for two days
4-April 6th I am taking off 1/2 day to go to the zoo with Matthew's preschool
5-April 6th I have Bunco Tuesday night (babysitter is already lined up)
6-April 9th my parents arrive in town and I am taking the day off
7-April 9th Jordan and I are going to the Muse concert (muchly anticipated)!
8-April 10th is Isabelle's 1st birthday celebration
9-April 11th Jordan leaves for Oregon for 1 week
10-April 12th My parents and I are playing as I took the day off again - going to the spice store Penzey's and to an organic restaurant for lunch
11-April 14th I leave for NY for an event
12-April 16th My parents leave early to head home due to commitments, so our kids are shuffling back and forth between my babysitters parents house and ours
13-April 16th Jordan gets back from Oregon late
14-April 19th I get back from NY
15-April 19th I am supposed to take Isabelle to her yearly check-up
16-April 20th Book club, but I don't know if I'll be able to make it

I am tired already and none of this has even happened yet! Do you think too much is going on at our house soon? I do, but we'll get through it. It's been so mellow around the house travel wise and then all of this is happening at the same time-craziness! Mostly fun things but trying to fit in exercise and good eating will be tricky but I can do it!!! The hotel in NY looks like the gym will be great so I'm looking forward to that (and getting a full nights sleep with no child interruptions).

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LKC said...

Wow! You guys have a lot coming up. Just have to say that I LOVE Penzeys. My favorites are Sandwich Sprinkle (great on grilled cheese), Sunny Paris (so yummy on eggs), and Southwest Seasoning (I have a really good chicken pasta salad recipe if you get some).