Saturday, April 03, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 5 Progress

Workout wise this week:
3/27: Took a walk with Isabelle, not ideal but we were on vacation and the gym was $10 and I couldn't bear to pay for another day.
3/28: Day of Rest
3/29: Elliptical and Treadmill
3/30: Pilates-not our usual teacher and boy was she tough. I was also cleansing and felt like I was going to pass out.
3/31: Elliptical
4/1: Elliptical
4/2: Treadmill and this new machine I don't even know what it is

Diet Wise:
Still on track with 1200 calories a day. Some days are easier than others. I found this website Eating Well and have been trying a few meals from there. We did this recipe this week. Not bad for a vegetarian. We used Chard and I have never had that before. It's fun trying new things.

Results: 0 pounds.

Totally sucky as I feel like I worked really hard this week and ate well. After talking with Jordan we can only figure that I'm building muscle and of course that weighs more than fat. I'm going to work even harder this week and hopefully it will show up next week.

I did a body fat analysis thing about a month ago and need to go do that again this week. If it shows some good progress then I'll feel better about this past week.

I'm off to Yogalates this morning and then to do my favorite new machine that rocks. I'm not going to give up or let this stop me. I'm just going to keep trying as hard as I can and I feel eventually the numbers will show up.

I AM doing this!!!

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