Monday, February 02, 2009

Night 1 of Big Boy Land

We got a mattress this weekend (pretty comfy) and strapped it to our roof and managed to get it home in one piece. I was pretty stressed out as I didn't trust Jordan's tie job (and he wasn't too confident in it either) and it had slid some by the time we got home. I was just worried it would pick up air and rip out of the straps and fly down the freeway.

We picked up some sheets on Saturday while doing errands and I washed them and got them ready today for the big night and Jordan put together the bed when he got home. We've really been talking up the big boy bed for the last several days so I was hoping he would be excited. He took a bath tonight and then was all over helping Daddy put together the bed. It was pretty cute! He loved playing with the drill (no bit). We did get some side rails from someone at work so one side is on so he doesn't fall off the bed in the middle of the night.

Of course the first thing he did was start jumping on the bed before we even had the sheets on. Such a typical 2 year old BOY! He thought that was super fun so I'm sure there will be nights of that ahead of us. He didn't take a nap today because 1-he went to bed late last night and woke up late this morning, 2-I wanted him tired for the big night and 3-I was washing his crib sheets to get ready for the baby since he was going to transition tonight anyways.

My plan worked pretty well. Once the bed was together and the sheets were on Jordan read him books in his bed and then it was time to go to sleep. He wanted Mommy and Daddy to lay by him and so Jordan went in there with him and laid down by him (there is no way I could get his pregnant body out of his bed once I got in-it's too low to the ground). He conked out in about 10 min. I could tell he was tired by the redness around his eyes.
So our first night was relatively easy, but I know it won't be like this every night. Poor Jordan is facing 4 nights on his own as I leave on Wednesday for San Francisco for 5 days for work. We'll see how it goes while I'm gone. He thinks I did it on purpose, but really I just want to get the baby's stuff in the room and ready once the walls are painted (should get done while I'm gone). I didn't want to be doing everything in one night and Matthew really needed to transition. His crib was starting to get confined.

I love this camera-it takes GREAT pics in the dark! Don't you love his little "pee-low". It's a little travel one we found for him that he just loves. He really isn't much of a cover kindof kid so we keep him in warm pj's at night.

2 sidenotes:
1-Matthew loves to take our pillows off our couch and make a big mound of them on the floor and snuggle up into them. He was looking so cute today so I took some pictures with our new camera. He of course wanted to see the pics and was like "so cute!". He then wanted to take some pictures so I helped him take a couple and then he wanted me to take pictures of his toys so I took a couple. Even if I get frustrated with some of the things he does, days like today when he's generally pretty good and does some fun things makes it worth it. Love my boy!

He likes to put some of our big pillows on top of himself. He's so funny!

Super snuggled in.

I just love this pic of Matthew and his smile and squeezable cheeks. So cute!

2-We've been having lots of problems with Matthew eating proper food and not just crackers or chips. I decided to draw a hard line and not let him snack in between meals. Yesterday he did pretty good, but today he did really well. He's not a big eater at breakfast and so by the time we ate our late lunch I think he was starving. He ate a hot dog (1st thing), some pudding, 1 1/2 bananas and then I let him have some crackers. He didn't eat many of those because by then he was pretty full. At dinner he wanted some chips but we told him he had to eat his quesadilla first. He ate most of it and then we gave him some chips. He ate a few but not a ton once again because he was pretty full. I guess I'm just going to have to be a meanie if we're going to get him to eat properly. I knew we had gotten into a bad habit of snacking but didn't realize how bad it had gotten. Just goes to show that if he's hungry enough maybe just maybe he'll eat the things I want him to.


Ray said...
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Jay S said...

Looks like he is having a great time! It's a fun time for them when they get their big bed. Jenna has been our best at staying in bed. Quinton and Calvin both thought it was a big game to see how many times they could get out of bed before we got mad.

Jenna just moved up from her toddler bed to this one from Ikea:

We don't have it extended all the way out to the twin size.

Heather said...

Oh he is so cute! Good luck with the bed transition (Jordan!). James is constantly asking for a snack. It sort of drives me crazy. I might have to start being a meanie too!

Hyrum, Tiana and kids said...

I love the walls! What a cute paint job!!!! How did you do it!?