Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bed Shopping

Shopping in general is always an adventure with Matthew along. You never know the mood he's going to be in and if he's in a bad mood watch out. He's been off and on with afternoon naps lately and didn't take one yesterday by the time we left to pick up Jordan from work and head to Ikea. He promptly fell asleep in the car and got about a 30 min. nap in before we got to the store.

He woke up in an ok mood when we got to Ikea and did pretty good while we were shopping. He petered out by the end and wanted to be pushing the heavy cart by himself and was whining and throwing fits when we didn't let him so I finally decided enough was enough and bribed him with a treat. We got a $1 cinnamon roll and he did great. We were sharing and his eyes got huge and he was trying to stuff the rest in his mouth that was on his napkin so he could have the last little bit and he was getting worried I was going to finish it and told me to put the last part on his napkin. Man I really wanted that last bit, but gave it up for my cute little 2.5 yr. old with his big eyes staring at me. What parents give up for their kids. Good thing he didn't want my yummy take-out Thai noodles. He hasn't learned what ALL good food is YET!

I pretty much knew what I wanted to get furniture wise, but hadn't decided on a size for a bed. A queen would be too big, a single might be too small if we needed to use his bed for visitors and then we went back and forth if a full was too big for his room but ultimately decided that a full frame could help with additional visitors in the future. He also needed a chest of drawers to match as we are moving both his crib and his current drawer set to the baby's room. I liked the Malm line-pretty simple and clean and not too modern and the bed frame is low to the ground so we got the following (black/brown color):

We still need to paint the stripes in the baby's room and get a full mattress for Matthew's big boy bed and then we're ready for the big leagues with Matthew. I found fabric online that I like so I need to get it ordered and get to making his quilt too.

As a side note-it's now 10:00 pm and we put him in bed at 9:15 pm and he is in there singing to himself and jabbering. The night process keeps getting longer and longer especially on days like today when he actually took a nap. I'm scared it's going to be even longer when he's bored and can get out of bed and come out of his room and ask us "what are you doing?". I'll let you know in a few days.


Jay S said...

We have been spending quite a bit of time and money at Ikea lately. We are redoing Jenna's room and we got the Leksvik dresser, we want to get the Minnen bed in black but it is out of stock!! We bought curtains, bedding and a lamp for her room.

I hear you on the Cinnamon rolls there....fantastic. I went up to Salt Lake for a meeting and brought a 6 pack of them back for the kids and they devoured them.

It is fun when they get their big kid bed but yeah they do stay up messing around. Quinton and Calvin just play with each other in the dark.

Em said...

That looks nice. Now that's sacrifice - giving up the last of the cinnamon roll! Once you have kids you never eat in peace!