Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good deals and on the go!

Good Deals
We went on a date night on Saturday night to dinner and then went to the mall and picked out paint colors for the baby's room. At the mall I stopped by Ann Taylor Loft to look at their maternity clothes and found out they were phasing them out in their stores. They led me to a miniscule rack and said, the good news was everything on the rack was $4.99 and an additional 25% off on top of that! Sweetness!

I found a pair of pants and a levi skirt for a total of $7.86 or something like that. The pants alone were originally over $50. Now who could pass up that sweet deal? (well maybe those of you that aren't pregnant!)

Next door to Ann Taylor Loft is a super cute children's clothing store called The Pumpkin Patch. It's pretty pricey though so I only shop the sales rack there as I'm not going to spend $30 on a jacket that will only last 3 months. They were also having a killer deal that everything already on sale was an additional 30% off. I found 3 shirts for the little lady and a cute jacket for next fall/winter. She's pretty ready clothes wise for the first 6-9 months of her life.

On the Go
Me and Matthew are heading up to Utah this weekend to see family and for work (me not Matthew). I had a last minute meeting to support in Salt Lake next Tuesday and decided to head up early and work from my parents since my boss was going to be gone this Thurs/Fri anyways. Plus we are using miles to fly Matthew up and it would have cost me an additional 12,500 miles to fly Thurs or Friday. I'm pretty excited to see everyone and we have a few fun things planned with my parents and siblings. Jordan is staying home and holding down the fort and thankfully painting the baby's room while we are away. I'll be excited to get her room done!

Jordan asked me the other day if I was nesting. Well, I don't think so as that usually happens close to the birth of the baby, but I do feel the need to get things ready and done. We have a lot to do in the next few months. We need to get Matthew transitioned into a big boy bed (and get some new furniture), make Matthew a quilt to match his room, get him potty trained, he is off the binkies now-including sleepy times, we need to get the baby's room finished-walls painted and I am painting 3 big canvases to match her bedding and we need to buy a few more things like a double stroller, etc. I don't want to be doing all of that while I am 8 months pregnant and extremely uncomfortable so I feel the need to get everything done now. I also have 2 big events in February and will only have 2 free weekends in February to get things done. I'd really like everything done by the 1st of March so we're ready to go in case I run into pre-eclampsia like I did with Matthew. I shouldn't because that usually only happens with first babies, but I'd like to be prepared instead of caught off guard with Matthew. I am already getting pretty swollen ankles so we'll see how it goes.

Anyways we are off shortly to the freezing cold weather. Matthew will love seeing his extended family and playing in the snow for the first time. I'm hoping we can squeeze in a bit of sledding w/me watching and someone else taking him down the hill. Should be a fun weekend. I'll post pics and updates this weekend. Wish me luck as the crazy pregnant lady in the airport with a 2 year old. Let's just hope lots of snacks, a movie, and a short flight makes this flight easy.


Hyrum, Tiana and kids said...

Hey, I had preeclampsia with my first also, but not with the others. I thought I'd get it this time around too with how swollen I've been, but my blood pressure is still good, so I think I'll be okay. Good luck!

Em said...

Hope you have a fun trip! I'm excited to see how the room turns out!

Jenni Anderson said...

Hey, Karen and Jordan

It was fun getting your Christmas card and checking in on your blog. You guys look like you are doing great!! Congratulation on the new little one coming.
P.S. Do you think you will ever make your way back to VA?

Heather said...

Sure was great to see you!