Friday, January 09, 2009

Cheesecake Factory

I swear my whole world does not revolve around food, but I do love it so I guess that's why I talk about it often. I have a vendor that I work with closely on all of our customizable clothing and merchandise. He comes down about every 1-2 months and we usually go out to eat and then meet for 2-3 hrs going over all the projects that are going on. The Cheesecake Factory where he lives is always crazy busy so it seems like we always end up going to the one by my work which is only about 5-8 min. away. He came yesterday to review some things for our big event next month and to get started on our merchandise for Celebration in August.

We usually stuff ourselves with appetizers and lunch and never have enough room for dessert, but we did manage to save room yesterday for some cheesecake. We got the Banana Cream Cheesecake which was divine. While I was looking over the list I got to wondering if they make the Cheesecake there and if they make all the flavors every day and if they throw away all the unused Cheesecake at the end of the day? I asked the waitress all of these questions because I'm nosy and wanted to know. I found out that their Cheesecake is delivered from California and made in a factory there. They usually have about a week of goodness from each Cheesecake. Interesting huh! I always assumed they made them onsite. Makes sense though so there isn't as much waste and I'm sure they know which cheesecakes sell the best.

We can't always afford to go there on dates so I feel fortunate that I get to go there for free with my vendor often. I adore their avacado eggrolls and my favorite entree is the stuffed chicken tacos, but I try to force myself to not always get that every time. I'm rarely disappointed by their food and if I ever am then it's usually when I'm with Jordan and I just switch with him because he's a good husband like that and isn't picky about what he's eating.

Anyways, just a tidbit of knowledge I thought I'd pass on. Jordan wrote a blog about his Top 10 fruit list and so I'm thinking of what my Top 10 Restaurants were for 2008.

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Hyrum, Tiana and kids said...

I love Jordan's fruit list! It's funny, and I agree with his tastes. August is such a great month here because blackberries grow wild here like crazy. They're actually a nuisance weed, except for in August.