Monday, January 26, 2009

Quick Utah Update

I don't have any pictures to share since our new camera hadn't come by the time I left for Utah :(. I do have pictures to get from my mom and sister so who knows when that will be.

Trip Highlights
-Matthew loved going on the "hairplane" and was pretty good. I love portable DVD players.
-He loved playing at Grandma & Grandpa's and woke up from every nap and every morning asking to "play with toys"
-He saw so many cousins and had a great time at the Children's museum in Ogden and eating "choclate ice cream"
-He loves, loves, loves his cousin Colby (who is 20) and they had a great time together along with everyone else at my sister's house. He had the whole family running around playing games and they were just as worn out as he was at the end of every night.
-Going out to eat with Heather and James at Costa Vida. He was very good at sharing his "choclate cookies" with James. Too cute!
-Seeing Daddy after a week of being away!

No snow playing while we were there. A lot of snow had melted and most of it was crusty icy snow which is no fun to play in. Such a bummer for Matthew. It was cold though and we wore coats all the time. It was so cold the morning we went to the aiport to leave. It reminded me why I LOVE living in the warm winter Arizona sun. It really makes the hot summer worth it. In fact it was super warm Wednesday when I landed. I was dying of heat in my jeans and long sleeved shirt and couldn't wait to get home and change into a short sleeved shirt and my capris.

My favorite was eating at Crown Burger twice while I was up there. It's so yummy and the fry sauce is delicious! Good thing I have In-n-Out to tide me over in AZ. We stopped and got it on the way home from the airport on Wednesday after Jordan picked me up.

It always is hard to mix work and playing whenever I'm up in Utah and have to work. Too short of playing time. It was good to see family and friends, but I was ready to get back home. It's hard being pregnant and the only parent on duty for a week. Jordan was a trooper though and got the baby's room mostly done. I can't wait until it's finished and then I'll post pictures.

We're off to buy a big boy bed and new dresser tonight for Matthew's room as we're moving all of his furniture to the baby's room. It's still hard to believe he's never climbed out once out of his crib. I'm sure this baby won't be the same. I'll let you know how the transition goes. I'm sure he'll be excited for a "big boy" bed.


Jay S said...

I am sure it will be fun getting him in his big boy bed. Jenna loved it when she got her big girl bed and was able to climb into it...of course that also meant she could climb out of it as well.

I think out of our 3 she was the easiest to keep in her new bed. With the boys it was a constant battle keeping them in bed.

Hyrum, Tiana and kids said...

Can't wait for the pictures! You're lucky Matthew never climbs out. My kids don't stay in their cribs long much over a year old because they suddenly turn into monkeys and climb out! Too bad about the snow. Our snow trip in Ashland was less than ideal snow too..crunchy old stuff, but it was all we had for the kids to play in. Bummer. I love the weather here on the coast because the climate is so mild year round. We wear light jackets (not coats, unless we're outside for a looong time) in winter and short sleeves and jeans year round without being too hot or too cold. It's bliss! Though it does get a bit rainy in winter, but that just keeps everything looking green and clean, so I don't mind.

Em said...

James had a smooth transition to a big boy bed, so hopefully Matthew will too! I think the trick is making it seem like the best thing ever to have the new bed, so he's excited about it. Good Luck!!!

Heather said...

So good to see you. I bought some oreo thins for the Jman. Good luck with the bed. You'll have to share all your tricks for success since we're going to be on that road in a bit.