Saturday, February 07, 2009

Matthew and his cousin Colby

I was 12 when my nephew Colby was born and 16 when my niece Taelor was born (same family). I've always had a fun relationship with both of them and Taelor about 4 years ago called me her best little big friend. Now that Matthew is getting older he really loves Colby and Taelor and Colby's girlfriend "TeeCee".

It's so fun to see them all playing together and Colby is so cute and will stay home on a weekend night when we are in town just to play with Matthew. Matthew had them all running around and playing funny games while we were in Utah a couple of weeks ago. I think they were pretty exhausted by the time we left. My sister just sent me some pics of Matthew, Colby, and TeeCee so I thought I'd share. Colby really wanted a mention on our blog so here's a shoutout to Colby!

Matthew saying "cheese"-I love his squinty eyes when he does this.

I think Matthew was coughing during this pic.

Cute of all 3 of them.

I need to make a page for Colby for this scrapbook (and ours) so be looking for that on our blog soon too.

We are almost done for the day at our event and I have a bit of a lull so I thought I'd post. I can't wait to head to the plane tomorrow at 3 pm. My back and ankles are killing me and I'm ready to see my family, be home in my nice comfortable bed, and eat a nice big bowl of homemade peanut butter ice cream w/chocolate syrup. Seriously some of the best ice cream we've made in awhile.....and it was made even with organic pb from Costco-yum!

I have a few things to do on Monday, but mostly I think I'll be taking it easy and resting my body and brain.

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