Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Night #2

So Matthew didn't sleep all through the night last night. Around 3:30 am he came in our room calling Mama so I made the mistake of picking him up and putting him in our bed. Around 4 when I couldn't take the squirming and him kicking me (on accident) anymore I had Jordan take him back to his bed and lay down by him. Jordan came back about 10 min. later and then Matthew came trotting back about 10-15 min. after that (I knew he was going to do that because he couldn't have gotten into a deep sleep by then). I had to stifle a laugh because Matthew had brought everything with him-his pillow, blankets, and bear. That's a lot for a little kid to truck around the house.

I took him back to his bed and also noticed it was a bit cold. Of course the heat wasn't on and the house was at 72. We've found that if it's too cold it wakes Matthew up in the middle of the night. I turned the heat back on and laid down by Matthew. I put him under his covers and he went to sleep pretty easily and I tossed and turned in his bed until around 6:30 and finally headed back to our bed to get a little more shut eye.

I knew tonight was going to be tough because Matthew took a nap today with the babysitter. He finally had the lights turned out close to 10 pm (way too late) and Jordan laid by him for a bit before leaving his room as we don't want that to become a routine. He came out about 10 times and laid down by his door a couple of times. Finally I went in and tucked him under the covers and we turned his music on. That seemed to do the trick or maybe he was just tired because it was about 10:30 by then. Anyways, he's out and I'm making sure the heat is on before I go to bed because I really need some good shut eye tonight before I leave for out of town tomorrow.

One side note (I love my sidenotes):

I read my bookclub selection Sunday night. Super quick and easy read. It's called "The Invention of Hugo Cabret". It's a cute little story and looks thick but has tons of drawings and some pages are only 1/4 full. I think in total it took me about 2 hrs. I have bookclub on Tuesday after I get back so I wanted to get it done before I left. Just thought I'd share if any of you are looking for a good book to read. If nothing else it's a great read for your kids.

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