Monday, February 23, 2009

Love you!

Just a quick shout out to Jordan who is an amazing husband and father. He's really been holding down the fort at home as my back kills me all the time and I don't have much energy to help around the house. Plus this bowling ball keeps getting in the way of doing small things like picking up toys, etc.

We took this picture of us in Costa Rica while on a bus tour that stopped at 3 different places. Definitely a highlight of our trip. My sister-in-law was nice enough to watch Matthew for the day while we were gone from sun up to sun down.

I just know this girl is going to be Daddy's girl and I'm excited to see how both of our relationships with her and Matthew change and evolve as she comes into our lives. I feel blessed and fortunate every day to have Jordan in my life and the love he shows me and our family.

And yes we did take this picture of ourselves with our own camera-pretty good huh!


Heather said...

You two are a great match. I'm sorry you're so uncomfortable, but at least you have the end in sight! Hang in there too Jordan!

Jay S said...

You two are going to love having that little girl. I love Jenna to death even though when I ask her if she is mommy or daddy's girl she says "Mommy's girl" she still is the best. She just adds a new dimension to things. April and I are excited for you.

kris said...

great page, love it! Don't you just love those date brushes?
The three of you will have so much fun with your little girl!