Monday, February 23, 2009

Potty Training 101

How do you possibly potty train a boy who screams whenever you try and take him to the potty and clenches his legs together?

Granted he does have a rash on his tooshie from some yucky poops lately so I'm hoping maybe that's why. We'll try again next weekend.

I know he's smart and can do this I just need to convince him of that. I can't be changing diapers of 2 kids for the next 6 months. Please steer me in the right direction for some research or post what you did.


Erica said...

I tried with Ella in November. We went to the store and bought big girl panties, made a big deal out of it, and borrowed a training potty from a friend. I would set the potty on a big sheet in front of the TV and let her sit on it while she watched a movie. I gave her juice boxes and popcorn...anything to coax her into sitting for longer. I should have known from her reaction when we bought the big girl underwear...she was completely uninterested! She couldn't have cared less about it. Needless to say, I gave up after half a day.

For some reason, a few weeks ago, she showed interest on her own and wanted to wear her panties and go potty. I didn't use the potty chair this time. I just used a step stool and the potty seat that fits on a regular toilet. She still has accidents, once maybe twice a day, but not every day. And it seems like she waits to go #2 until she has a pull-up on for naps and night time. The first couple days, I set an egg timer for ever hour. When it went off, it was time to sit on the potty. She didn't "go" every time, but she got used to going in there and trying. After a few days, she started telling me when she had to go. That whole "they'll do it themselves when they're ready" saying has been totally true in Ella's case. Good luck! It's a lot of work for the parents too.

Em said...

BRIBERY!!! If you go potty, then you can watch this show. If you go potty, you may earn a cookie, etc.

Flwrgirl said...

Bribery and big boy pants are getting us no where. I even tried cold turkey and he didn't care he was peeing in his pants.

He wants a treat but doesn't want to go potty for the treat.

Heather said...

No tips here. Just good luck vibes. You're blazing the trail for me!

Hyrum, Tiana and kids said...

You think 6 months of double diaper duty is bad? I'll have at least a year, with no other alternative, since Kierce just turned 1.

It seems that it's like banging your head against a stone wall until Matthew himself if ready. I found it easy to potty train Hyatt in the summer when the weather was warm by letting him wear a shirt and no pants/underwear outside and told him to water my plants (by peeing on them). That got him interested at least. My mom had a whole Indian song she made up that she used for each kid "Indian boy (or girl), Indian boy, potty in the bushes!" Hyatt liked that, and when he recognized the urge to go and tried to pee on plants, it made it that much easier to transition him to a toilet. I also introduce the toilet to my kids before they are 1. The first few times they're freaked of it, but then they're fine sitting on it. You know when they're just about 1 and they start hiding behind things to poo, or they sit there concentrating really hard...I run them to the toilet and have them finish there. I keep taking them to the toilet occassionally through the year so they stay familiar with it, and then by the time they're 2, combined with peeing outside, they transition to full-time potty training fairly easy. Mine potty trained at 2 years and 3 months, and a couple months later they were night trained too (don't forget to restrict liquids a couple of hours before bed). I got the idea of introducing the toilet early from a friend of mine, and her kids train just before they are 2. It seems to work for helping them not be scared of the toilet when you actually want them trained.