Friday, November 02, 2007

You should have seen the other Tiger

Halloween has come and gone again too quickly. I purchased Matthew's costume a few months ago and unfortunately he only got to use it twice. Once for trick-or-treating at Jordan's work (on the 30th) and then again on Halloween. He loved the game of picking a treat and putting it inside his bag. I did feel a little dumb pimping out my child for candy, but he had fun so I don't feel too bad (plus I do get the side benefits of his candy). We've been practicing what a tiger says the last month or so. Matthew says roar really quiet, like a whisper. It's hilarious. So many people thought he looked so cute in his little boy said, look it's a tiger and Matthew said roar all on his own. So funny!




We've started having a tradition of going to Ray and EmmaLee's for Soup in Pumpkin bread bowls and then trick-or-treating on Halloween. Ray wanted homemade doughnuts this year (childhood memory) so I offered to make them. I knew that the pressure would be on so I made a test batch on the Saturday before Halloween. They were good, but I didn't love the icing and they weren't GREAT and I needed GREAT! I found another recipe and made a test batch again Tuesday night and they were soooo good! I think I ate 3-4 and Jordan ate about 3. They were so addicting. Jordan really raved about them and then talked them up to Ray who told others they were going to be good so I was a little nervous and the pressure was on. They were definitelly a hit though and turned out so yummy and everyone loved them so I'm glad I put the hard work into finding the right recipe.


We did have a small accident on Halloween night. We were walking out the door to go trick-or-treating and Matthew fell when stepping down onto the porch. You know when you see your child doing something and you can't help them one bit. I saw him falling and couldn't save him. He totally bonked his head on their welcome mat and scratched up his face pretty bad and got a mouth full of dirt. It was a bit traumatic-I think more for me than him. He cried for about 20 seconds and then was fine and ready to go. He had a great time trick-or-treating and was pretty pooped when we headed for home. In fact he finally caught up on his sleep Friday after his 4-hour nap. What a trooper and what a great kid to collect candy (esp. the full sized candy bar) for his parents. I think he just had fun walking around with the kids and getting a sucker every once in awhile.


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LKC said...

Is he wearing SANDALS with is costume? Only in Arizona. Very cute!