Friday, November 09, 2007

Free Gifts + Sales=Temporary Happiness!

I had two great surprises in store on Wednesday.

Surprise #1-When I arrived to work on Wednesday my co-worker told me that I had a package. It was from Mandalay Bay and they had sent me an iPod shuffle. I am the main contact that does the contracts and works with Convention Services and our company has provided them with lots of income over the past three conventions. I am listed as a main contact so that's why they wanted to suck up to me. :)

We only have 1 iPod in the house (a nano) so I borrow it from Jordan (his Christmas gift last year) from time to time. I'm excited to finally have an iPod apparatus of my own. It's so small and will be perfect for traveling and working out. Besides who doesn't love a great free gift? It has their logo on it and is so cute! It's the blue color below.

Surprise #2-I met up with Jordan after work and we went to Lowe's to look at landscaping stuff for our backyard and then went to In-n-Out (yum-o) for dinner. I discovered that Matthew had a temperature so after dinner Jordan took Matthew home and I went to the mall to find more pj's for Matthew. I happened to park by Pottery Barn Kids and went in to see what they had.

I loved their Halloween costumes they had this year and have been eyeing their doggy one. I was hoping to get it on sale online after Halloween (you know I love sales!), but it was sold out in Matthew's size. They also had this totally cute dragon costume online that I've been eyeing but it was ridiculously expensive for a costume and is in stock online in his size but not on sale. I found it on sale in his size in the store for 75% off. I couldn't resist a GREAT deal so we now own a dragon costume to be used in 1 year. I love finding a good sale and can't wait for Halloween '08! They still have that cute dragon treat bag on sale online so I might pick it up for next year too. It's only $5 and it wasn't at the store.

We're off to the Dr's to see if Matthew has an ear infection(s). He's been a little sick and isn't eating which is always scary. I think he is feeling better today, but we're still going! I'll update later.

Yep, Matthew has double ear infections. We picked Jordan up on the way home from the Dr.'s and he's filling the prescription right now. I hate that we are already starting this again. He fought about 4 of them last year and I'm worried we are going to be doing it again all winter long. I asked the Dr. when do we start talking about tubes and he said that 3-4 a year is normal and anything above that then we'll talk. Let's hope that this year is better than last.

I would have to say that for being sick w/ear infections he still has been pretty happy. He definitely hasn't been his normal chipper self, but he hasn't been crying all day long either. He should be better in about 5 days-let's hope so. I like happy well Matthew better than sick Matthew.

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Em said...

Lucky! I still don't have an ipod, maybe for Christmas! Thanks for driving all the way out here to hang out last night!