Sunday, November 11, 2007

Could you handle 25 kids......

I've been talking about Matthew and our anticipation of nursery for awhile now. Today we had our first experience. Our nursery is currently short staffed so they've been asking for volunteers lately and today I was asked if me and Matthew wanted to go in so I could help out.

Interesting facts about our current nursery.

#1-About 25 kids that show up for nursery each week
#2-There are 3 total leaders
#3-The AC is broken
#4-Only 4 will be graduating to Sunbeams come January

As you can expect the leaders have their hands FULL. They have called another couple to nursery, but they weren't there today and one of the leaders was home sick. There were about 4 other parents in there helping out when we went in. Right when we walked in Matthew was off and playing with the other kids and toys. I don't think he really looked for me until the very end of class. He was probably a little bit intimidated by some of the other kids, but I know he is going to absolutely love it.

I really hope they'll break it into 2 nurseries now that more leaders have been called. It's way too crazy with 25 kids together even with more people there helping out. It was so hot because of the AC issue and little bodies running around. I was literally sweating when I got home from church. I feel so bad for the leaders as they are doing the best they can and are really good with the kids. It's so hard when there are so many kids and I'm sure the leaders feel like babysitters. I've been there and know how it is and secretly am glad that I already have a calling so they can't call me to be in there. I'll totally volunteer to help out once in awhile, but I want Matthew to have interactions with different adults.

If you have a child in nursery please remember to thank your leaders for the great job they are doing. It is one of the most exhausting callings I've ever had (twice before). The little children are so sweet, but sometimes it's hard to get excited about a calling where you have little adult interaction for 2 hours of church and you're playing guard duty most of the time.

All in all our first trial in Nursery was a success so in 3 weeks he can officially go in and we'll all be happy! He loved play time, singing time, snack time....mostly wandered during lesson time and tried to eat crayons during coloring time. I know he'll catch on! :)


LKC said...

Only 11 months until Owen goes to nursery-- I can't wait.

I also give a salute to all those nursery leaders out there. It is a thankless calling. That being said remember these two things:

#1) Don't bring your sick kid to nursery. It's not fair to him or the other kids or the leaders. Keep him with your or preferably, at home.

#2) It's not the nursery leader's job to change poopy diapers. They are not babysitters. Don't act bugged when you get pulled out of Sunday school for diaper duty.

Sorry to vent. I'm just very passionate about the fair and ethical treatment of nursery leaders.

Karin said...

I totally agree. I was even sick one Sunday and none of the parents cared, they just wanted to still drop their kids off. I did warn all of the parents though that I was sick so their kids could possibly catch it.

I never change other kids poopy diapers. Sometimes I can barely stomach my own child's poop.