Thursday, November 15, 2007

Winter Solstice Already?

We went to bed fairly late last night, so when my alarm (which has an English accent) awoke me at 6:00 a.m., I was a bit disoriented. It seemed far too dark for that time of the morning, causing me to question how long I had actually been asleep. Had I missed a whole month? Once I finally did wake up and stumbled out of my room to get a drink, I saw a few flashes of light. I figured that I must have a bulb going on, although I couldn't tell which one.

After a shower brought be back to some level of consciousness, I looked outside to find that it was quite overcast and that a lighting storm was going on. I guess I'm now completely acclimated to Arizona, since clouds and lighting were not the first explanation that came to mind for darkness and flashing lights.

We're hoping for a bit of snow this Christmas while we're in Utah, because it's becoming apparent that Matthew won't have a lot of opportunities at this stage of his life to experience cold weather, let along snow. I suppose he's an Arizona native, having been born and raised (so far) here - you can tell because tonight he grabbed a slice of jalapeno from my plate and popped it in his mouth. I guess he takes after me, his spice-addicted dad, because he didn't seem too phased by it (didn't cry or anything), but he did guzzle a bunch of water immediately.

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