Friday, October 26, 2007

My New Chair...

Matthew has been pretty silly lately with container like items. He likes to sit in them, push them around, dump things out of them, fill them back up with other things and wear them on his head. It's fun seeing him explore and figure out new things.

Our friends Kari and Garrin borrowed our baby tub awhile ago and returned it last weekend since they aren't using it anymore. It is now Matthew's favorite place to sit. He uses it like a regular chair. He's sitting in it right now watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's so weird to think that a year ago I was using it to wash him and he was pretty helpless.

He's changed so much and definitely has opinions on various items. I'm already getting an early dose of the terrible 2's. I am glad though that he is pretty independent and can play by himself. He generally is a pretty happy kid unless of course he really wants to do something that we don't let him do/have for safety reasons. Wow can he scream! Lately I keep very calm and lead him into his room and tell him I understand he's frustrated, but I don't want to hear his yelling and that he can throw a fit in his room and come out when he's done. I close the door leaving it open just a crack and let him come out when he's done. It seems to work and I feel less frustrated with his screaming fits.

Oh another thing he started doing a couple of months ago that really cracks us up is squinting his eyes so he can barely see out of them. I was fortunate to catch him doing it yesterday.

His squinty eyes


Jay S said...

That is the perfect way to handle those fits. We do the same thing with ours...Send them where no one pays attention to the fits and it is amazing how quickly they can turn that off.

That squinting is hilarious, Calvin loved doing that in his pictures for a while.

We can't wait to see Matthew and you guys of course at THanksgiving.

Heather said...

He looks so much like you, Karin!! I love the squinting!

Dick&Erica said...

I might have to try that time out method with Ella. Especially now with a baby in the house, she seems to want any attention she can get, even if it's by throwing a tantrum. Good thinking!

LKC said...

Is it just the picture or is his hair getting blonder?

Heather said...

Love the squinting! Matthew is such a great kid!