Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Thanks, cleaning fairy

When we got home on Sunday the house was perfectly clean and organized. Matthew mostly made a huge mess yesterday and I didn't have time to get everything cleaned up before Jordan got home from work. Matthew was off schedule, VERY ornery and difficult yesterday and I needed a break when Jordan got home from work. He took Matthew for a walk, had him watch baseball with him, and got him ready for bed. I was still pretty exhausted from this weekend and went to bed early intending to take care of the mess today.

I have no idea when Jordan came to bed as I was pretty out. I think I fell asleep at 9 pm. When I got up this morning the cleaning fairy had visited (Jordan). I don't expect him to do this and he does it often. I know he's tired too so I really appreciate it. He's so great in helping out with everything around the house even when he doesn't need to. I don't know what my MIL did to raise him this way but I need to learn her secrets to pass along to Matthew.

Thanks Jordan for the clean house this morning. It will definitely make my morning less chaotic and hopefully I can get ALL of the laundry (about 3-5 loads) done today. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Love you!


Heather said...

Hold on to him! He is a champ!
I loved reading your tag stuff..I posted stuff on my blog..that's not as easy as you might think!

Bitter Larry said...

Karin is being humble, because I'm amazed at what she does every day working & watching Matthew at the same time. Cleaning up Matthew's daily destruction isn't too much of a sacrifice. Love you back!

ksh said...

Not only does Jordan clean, but he does it without even being asked! That's so awesome!
It's nice to know that Heston isn't the only one in constant "destruction mode".

LKC said...

Jordan is a good husband. You have him trained very well. He even steps up and helps me with my computer crises when my own husband is unreachable.