Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Matthew...not Matt, Matty or anything else

Matthew DOES not like nicknames or shortened ways to say his name. He is Matthew through and through and if you try and call him anything else he'll tell you that his name is Matthew or sometimes Matthew Jordan Stephens.

It's tough to get a good pic of him lately because he just wants to be silly and/or make silly faces but I managed to get this one the other day.

He really loves to laugh, joke and just be silly. It's definitely fun around here, but sometimes the silliness is too much especially when trying to get ready for school. He definitely makes us laugh though and is too smart for his own britches.

This kid hates to eat unless it's candy, cookies, chips or treats. Not too hard to convince him to eat some swirly soft ice cream from Costco.

He was just veging out watching TV with his shades to "protect his eyes". He is such a creative soul and really makes us laugh often with his antics.


Darin said...

Oh, how this post made me smile. What a cute kid. I just mentioned to Darin a few days ago that I miss having Matthew around for his fun antics and great creativity. Give him a hug from me!

Anonymous said...

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