Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Are These My Pants?

A couple of weeks ago Jordan told me that he accidentally put on my jeans one morning and even though he could get into them they were very tight in an important area. He took them off and realized they were mine. When he told me that I thought it was so funny and couldn't imagine how he got them mixed up.

Fast forward to this past Friday. Jordan did laundry (yes you know where this is going) and lots of pants were in our laundry basket folded nicely to be put away. I grabbed a pair of boot cut 1969 gap pants out of it and put them on. They fit really well but were a little loose in the thigh and crotch area and were a bit different of a wash than I remembered. I thought it was all weird but went on with my day. My brother Brent and his wife Sam were coming into town and I needed to finish getting ready for them, Matthew had preschool and I had gone to the gym so it was a very busy day getting ready for the weekend company. When I went to bed that night at 1 am I went to look at what brand my jeans were again and saw a 31/32 size and started busting a gut.

I had worn Jordan's pants all day and didn't realize it. Yes they were looser and a different wash than I remembered, but I was sure they had said bootcut and 1969 gap jeans which they did say they were just Jordan's. I also have the same brand of gap jeans but mine are the womens cut.

All in all I guess we both like to get in each other's pants....:) :) :).

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