Friday, December 11, 2009

Leg Warmers in action + Sock advent calendar

So I thought I'd show you some pics of the leg warmers in action. I whipped these up this morning. She's wearing a different outfit for a party we are going to tonight and I didn't want her to get a whole outfit dirty so a top and some leg warmers it is. What a cute model. Easy Peasy!

I love her chubby legs! These stay on her really well.

Here is our sock advent calendar.

And a close up of one of my socks and the numbers I printed and punched out. It was a little saggy so we did put a few nails to help hold it up.

I'm missing a few days for things to do but will finish that this weekend. Matthew kept commenting on the socks that didn't have anything in them when this first went up. He was worried some were missing papers. He's so funny!

My friend Kris has 3 kids and each day they write something to 1 of their kids. Works out perfectly for them all to have 8 days. You could also put scriptures to read each night or a game or movie to watch together. That's what is great about this, it's so versatile and changeable. It cost me less than $25 to create as the socks were at Old Navy for a ridiculous cheap sale. Target has some Christmas socks in their $1 bin right now, so if you want to do for next year pick them up now.

What I love is that it's already made for next year. I'll just have to unpack and put it up. As Matthew gets older we can put in longer Christmas stories or bigger activities to do. It's going to be a new favorite tradition for sure. I think Matthew is really loving it and can't wait to do the activity every day.

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