Monday, December 14, 2009

A few pics to share

Matthew was wanting to hold Isabelle the other day so I grabbed my camera hoping for a cute picture of the two of them. Of course, Matthew just wants to be silly and all Isabelle wants to do nowadays is wriggle away and go explore. We really have to bribe Matthew lately to get any kind of regular grin.

If Isabelle had only been smiling this would have been perfect, but it's pretty close and still cute!

Isabelle is loving exploring under our tree hence why there are no presents yet (and they aren't wrapped). I don't trust her or Matthew to leave them alone until Christmas. They'll all show up Christmas Eve at some point. Maybe some before Matthew goes to bed. He's bad enough just pulling papers out of our sock advent calendar.

Why do babies want to go through the chair and not around it? I caught this pic today quickly before she got really stuck and I had to help get her out. She is sure curious and is following us to wherever we are. I started her on pureed peas tonight and she gobbled them right up without a yucky face or anything. She is such a joy in our house. Oh and I love that tongue of hers. It's been hanging out lately in that corner all pointy.

Matthew has been a bit of a stinker lately and really frustrating me with some antics he's been pulling. Jordan made the comment that he's glad that Isabelle is here to have a calming effect. It's so true - she's always happy and smiling and really only grumpy when she's tired or hungry. She can get me out of a bad/frustrating mood when I let Matthew get to me.

Anyways, I finished 3 big projects last night/tonight so I'm happy about that! I'm picking up my Christmas cards from Costco that I designed tomorrow so I can't wait to see how they turned out. I also ordered some other things online that I designed for gifts and can't wait for them to show up next week.

Sometimes you do get rewarded for procrastination/not being on the ball. The item I ordered online today I needed 2 of and they were having a special of Buy 1, get 1 free. Sweetness! Saved myself $25. Now just hoping they come early next week in time to get 1 out in time for Christmas (I'm taking the other one w/me).


Heather said...

Awesome pictures!

Grandma Stephens said...

Love these pictures-makes me want to be there with them.

Brent and Sam said...

Matthew looks like he's doing the 'hang loose' sign in that one picture :)