Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had lots of fun tricks-or-treats this year. Thursday we went to Jordan's annual Intel cubicle trick or treating fun. High reward for low amount of work. Matthew didn't miss a cubicle.

Friday we went with Kari and her kids to their trunk-or-treating as Garrin had to work and Matthew had a great time with Maggie. He LOVED checking out all the different trunks that were dressed up.

Saturday we had our annual party at the Hammond's with pumpkin bread bowls, soups, and our homemade doughnuts (3rd year in a row). Always a good time.

We have way too much candy in this household and it's always calling my name! Yes, we are using it to bribe Matthew to do the things or eat the good food that we need him to. I think soon it will be relegated to the trash. I was inspired by my friend EmmaLee and hopefully will be making all of our costumes next year.

Matthew loved his dragon costume!

Isabelle was a pumpkin princess? I bought a shirt, made a black and orange tutu, made a bow and found some cute orange/black tights.

The whole clan at Intel.

Isabelle's tutu was driving her nuts. The great thing is she can reuse in a few years as I made it so it can get bigger.

James the Hamburger. I really want that costume! EmmaLee is so talented.

Brynlee the Ladybug. Cute!

My fav-Buddy the Elf. EmmaLee's sister Amy made his coat. Amazing!'s his real hair!

Of course Blake a was a pizza. I think it was a bit heavy by the end.

Cruella de Vil.

Poor Matthew's "hat" kept sliding down in his face.

In-n-Out afterwards-yum!

In timeout at the Hammond Party. He was so wound up and doing naughty things.

EmmaLee & Ray as pieces of the game Settlers of Catan.

I found a last minute costume at Target and then made this headpiece to go with it. I'm a Medieval Wench? Who knows, and the costume was NOT comfortable!

I did have a different idea for me & Jordan but at the last minute he didn't want to do it so we both scrambled for costumes.

Jordan found a shirt at Goodwill and was a mechanic. Nice going for pulling it together the day of.

EmmaLee's nephew in a Link costume hand knitted by EmmaLee's mom-their whole family is so talented!

Hammond Clan


Em said...

Thanks for doing the doughnuts! They were fabulous as always!

Brent and Sam said...

I want to steal Buddy the Elf. Hopefully you don't throw the candy away until after we leave!! :) Candy is one of my main food groups.

Bitter Larry said...

Sam, if the candy runs out by then (unlikely), we'll get more! And egg nog...

Helena said...

What a cute dragon costume!

I love the Catan pieces. Must remember that.