Friday, November 06, 2009

Update on Meeting the Pioneer Woman

Well I didn't meet her and didn't see the movie either. I got to see her speak and answer questions and then waited an hour before I gave up meeting her. If you bought your book at the bookstore you were assigned a letter. Mine was "M" and they took an hour to get through A. I left my book there with how I wanted her to sign it and will pick it up today or tomorrow. She did promise she would sign everyone's book.

Fun, but way more people were there than I expected. The guy at the checkout counter said there were 900 people in SLC and I'm sure there were at least 500 in Tempe. I'm getting sick with what the kids have so I just couldn't wait any longer since I didn't feel well anyways. Insane!


kris said...

dang it! I was sad we didn't get to meet her! :(

Kari McGlinn said...

I had friends from SLC post that they went to see her there and it looked like waiting and waiting to me. Who has the time for that? Seriously!

Heather said...

Sounds like my experience, except I didn't even have a letter! She did walk by me though and said, "Thanks y'all for comin'".
Hope you get feeling better fast.