Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We went and saw them last night. It had been 12 years since we saw them last in Vegas when we were engaged.


Their stage was so cool and their screens were beyond anything I've seen. They could move up and down and get longer or shorter.

They sang classics and newer ones from their last few albums.

We discovered we are now part of an older concert going crowd-errghhh...

Going with friends to concerts is always a good time and lots of laughs.

Ate some pretty good BBQ for dinner.

Traffic to the concert was terrible-took us an hour and a half. The bright side was we got free parking AND a great exit spot so getting out of there wasn't too painful.

I have concluded that U2 (which rumor has it will be doing this) should agree to rights with Guitar Hero so that the younger generation gets hooked too! I would buy that game in a minute.

Our babysitter took great care of Isabelle and Matthew and they were so cute sleeping when we got home at 1:30 am. I am grateful for her everyday and her willingness to help us with our kids.

I took some pics with my phone so trying to get those to add to this post.

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Heather said...

awesome, awesome, awesome. u2 is by far my fave.
i think your babysitter is awesome too!