Friday, October 16, 2009


I just thought I'd do a quick update on cutie patootie Isabelle who celebrated her sixth month birthday on the 10th. She's just so cute! We've taken to calling her IsaBelly around here and she's been squeeling a ton so Matthew thinks she's hilarious.

Who would believe that she's gone in six short months from this

and this

to this

and this

and this!

I went to her official six month check-up today and she weighs in at a whopping 16 pds 4 oz and 25 1/2 inches. I'm just hoping once she starts crawling that her weight gain can slow down so she can last in her car seat for 6 more months. Matthew is almost out of his and will be ready to move into a booster seat when she is 1 and then we can move her into his carseat.

This is what she's been up to lately:

-Is super grabby and wants anything within her reach.

-Is rolly polly ollie. Rolls everywhere and can push her body around in circles with her toes.

-Loves tags!

-Is starting to push up on her toes when on her tummy-good first signs of wanting to get moving.

-Loves homemade squash and sweet potatoes puree. We're trying zucchini starting on Monday.

-Just got introduced to the Little Einstein activity center and is loving it. We used it with Matthew and it recently got a good cleaning and looks good as new.

-Wakes up way too early for her mom-most mornings she's up between 5-6. Jordan has been great about switching mornings to let me sleep in a little. This usually makes for a very long day and I'm beat and ready for bed after the kidlets get to sleep. I do have to say that her cute smile in the mornings always makes my day start out great!

-Great napper, takes about 3 naps during the day. Usually 2 long ones and 1 short one.

-Loves music and especially when I sing to her.

-Loves, loves, loves her brother and dad. Although she likes cuddling with her mom when she's tired-always!

-Has the funniest laugh. It's more like funny breathing rather than laughing out loud. We can tell when she's giggling though.

-Doesn't care for baths. Will tolerate them but doesn't love them like Matthew did at this age. I'm hoping she'll grow out of her dislike for water.

-Smiles ALL the time - at everyone and is willing to be held by anyone!

We absolutely adore our munchkin even though she makes our lives more complicated now that there are 2 rather than 1 chillins to take care of. She's such a great baby and only really gets upset when she's hungry, tired, or has to take a bath. She may be our last so we are really trying to savor her sweet moments and she'll be back talking before we know it!


Em said...

Yeah, just you wait for all the girl drama! No, seriously, she is precious and will continue to be so fun!

Heather said...

Great post! I like the nick-name too!

Grandma Stephens said...

What a doll! I miss Matthew &
Isabelle so much. We need to get to
Arizona. Give them a hug from Grandma.