Friday, August 10, 2007


I returned home on Wednesday after being away for six days at our Annual Convention. It was a lot of work and I am still recovering from exhaustion. Our staff worked so many hours I thought I would share things that happen when you are sleep deprived and have worked 14-16 hour days for 5 days straight.

So I had a delirious episode before I even left for Convention. I had been working a lot the week before Convention and hadn't had time to go shopping for some new shoes until the night before I left. I walked into Macy's and there were my shoes. They looked perfect they were no back tennis shoes-perfect! I tried on the brown pair and they were just the right size. The black pair fit a little different and I couldn't decide what size I needed them in. I put two different sizes on each foot and then decided the 8 1/2 were great! I pulled my shoes out when I got home to start packing and took out my black shoes and discovered I didn't have a complete pair instead I had two left shoes. I had brought home both sizes. I should have known right there I was going to have some delirious moments. Jordan was nice enough to return them and get the right pair together the next day while I flew into Vegas.

Other delirious moments shared by myself and other co-workers while in Vegas:
-One of my co-workers thought he saw a frog in the convention center and tried to find it until he figured out it must have been an illusion.
-I told this same coworker that someone donated fifteen thousand grand to our charity. He made fun of me endlessly.
-He then was telling me a story about a guy who took money out of his sock and shoe because there was no more wallet in his money. See what happens when you make fun of me-you get your own words twisted up. Ha!
-A girl co-worker told a guy co-worker that he had nice jugs instead of guns!
-We used walkie talkies that had ear buds (like the President's security wear). Every night when I was laying in bed I could hear people talking in my ear and nothing was in my ear.

So these were just a few funny moments that had me laughing the last day of Convention. I really needed those laughs as I was so exhausted and was really missing my family. It was about 10:30 pm and 5 of us were walking back to the hotel together and we kept laughing at all these funny moments. I was going to my room to sleep and they were all going out to party.

I go to my tower and get off on my floor and walk to the end of the hall where my room is. The key won't work and I am VERY frustrated and want to cry. I don't have the energy to go all the way back down to the front desk. I am so tired and lugging my super heavy laptop bag. I go back to the elevators and there is a hotel phone there so I call the front desk and tell them my key isn't working. They tell me that my room is on the 21st floor and I say yes that's right. They proceed then to tell me that I am on the 8th floor. I then realize that I sound really tired and I'm sure they think that I am drunk. The hotel probably gets drunk lost people calling all the time. When I was walking to the room that I thought was mine I was wondering why there were 8's in front of the room #'s instead of 21's. My brain was so dead it didn't even compute. I giggled about my funny mistake all the way back to my REAL room location.

Let's just say that I am amazed I made it home in one piece with all of my belongings. Jordan picked me up from the airport and then I dropped him off at work and took Matthew home. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open and functioning until Matthew took a nap. I took a nap too and didn't wake up until Jordan got home from work almost 3 hrs later. Jordan checked in on Matthew and he was awake. Between being dead asleep, the air conditioning, and my ears being plugged up I never heard him so who knows how long he had been awake. He hadn't been crying so he must have been fine playing in his crib.

I was so tired last night I took a nap at 7 pm and then went to bed at 9. I am feeling more myself today but am still pretty tired. I am hoping by Monday I am back to myself. I don't know how people work these many hours constantly. I can only do 1 week a year and then it takes me about 5 days to recover.

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