Friday, August 24, 2007

Baby, Baby, Baby Signing Time

About 3 months ago I could tell that Matthew knew what he wanted but couldn't tell me what he needed. I went and bought a baby signing book to try and get us started on signing. I started signing more, drink, all done all the time but I swear he just looked at me like I had three heads. I persisted for about a month and then gave up because it wasn't working.

We went to an event just over two months ago and one of our friends were there with their daughter who is just older than Matthew and she was signing all sorts of things. I talked to Erica and she said that she was using a Baby Signing Time video. I immediately ordered the set when I got home so we could try signing again. It's such a cute video with catchy songs that teach you how to sign different words. We even have CD's we can play in the car.

We've been watching the video about every other day and I've been very consistent with using signs when I ask Matthew for things he wants. Last week he started signing back with prompting from us so that made me happy that he was finally getting it. Yesterday I was so proud when he signed for more (he wanted more fish sticks) and for milk all on his own and he signed cracker after I prompted him-boy did he get some good praise from me. When I got him up this morning he was signing that he wanted milk so he got some great praise again and his milk. Maybe this is going to work? Not that he doesn't babble incessantly about everything but he'll be able to tell me his needs in a way that I can understand.

We started watching the second video yesterday and they were singing about socks, shoes, hats, and coats and I swear he was looking at her (the lady singing and signing) like what are you talking about I don't even know what those are. You see Matthew doesn't wear socks (neither do I), hardly shoes (only sandals if he wears anything-same with me), hats only for swimming, and hasn't worn a coat since around Feb. The poor kid doesn't really have anything to reference for any of those. I really don't think he understood what she was singing about.

I'll need to finally buy socks in probably Nov. for when we visit the families for the holidays. He does have a fall coat from last year that should still fit. Even in the winter a light coat or sweater just about does it and you can still get away with sandals. We're always take inappropriate clothing when we visit family for the holidays as we forget how cold it can get in Utah and Beatty.

On another note, Jordan just posted this blog about Matthew's teething. I was dying laughing and thought you could all use a laugh too.

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Dick&Erica said...

Hooray for signing time! Just watch out, those songs will become permanently stuck in your head. Richard was up all night with one going through his head a few nights ago. I'm so glad he's learning the signs. The hard part is when they use a sign, but it's something you have to say no to, but you're so excited that they signed it. Ella will sign "please" forever to get more crackers. At some point I have to say no, but she's looking at me like, "I'm saying please!"

Anyway, glad it's working out for Matthew.