Monday, August 20, 2007

High School Musical 2...and musings from the week

Ok-I haven't actually seen High School Musical or HSM2, but lots of people have been talking about it so I thought I'd post my thoughts about this phenomenon.

The message board that I frequent had lots of ladies talking about HSM2 before it premiered and how their kids were excited and were going to parties etc. for the debut. I just knew it was going to be a big hit. It was a HUGE hit and was the highest rated show ever on cable network....and that is saying a lot. They are projecting that 17.24 million households watched the program. They think even more people than that actually tuned in because of the parties I mentioned before.

The whole reason I'm posting this is because I think it's great that a show that is catering to the family is such a huge hit. They are already planning on a HSM3 and possibly 4. Even though I haven't seen either one they are both on my DVR so I will be watching them soon.

I have to say that Disney has some very cute shows for all age groups. Matthew has for some reason decided he likes Mickey's Clubhouse (Donald makes him crack up) so I get to see "commercials" for the other shows on Disney. There are fun ones for the little kids, the tweens, and Teens. I loved Disney growing up and hope it keeps turning out good shows for Matthew to watch one day. I am just hoping that other networks will catch on and realize that families are a HUGE market and not everything has to be violent. Yes, I like my Law and Order, but Matthew won't be watching it with me anytime soon.

Anyways, enough Disney for one day. Other things we've done lately
-Bought and learned a new "Bean" Bohnanza game: Weird, fun, addicting. Great for a group 2-7 players. I've already won twice so of course I like it!
-Hosted a progressive dinner starting at our house with appetizers. Poor Matthew went to the church for free babysitting and was in the nursery room with 20 other kids. He did pretty good until the end and was crying when we went to pick him up. I think he was just hungry.
-Saw Bourne Ultimatum-A kick butt film that I highly recommend to anyone. We think it is the best in the trilogy.
-I read Eclipse the 3rd book in the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. It didn't disappoint at all-maybe my favorite so far. My friend called me to invite me to her bookclub and they were discussing the series. Loved talking about the books to other people that had read them.
-We made an amazing dinner last night of Turkey Meatballs/Gnocchi and the meatballs tasted better than any other time we've made them. They were perfection-savory, juicy, succulent. Leftovers tonight were even yummy too!
-I bought Matthew some new Sandra Boynton books. They are silly and don't make sense and I love them. His book collection is now overflowing and I need to find a new basket as the one he has is bursting at the seams. He's so cute when he brings me books to read to him. I just hope he continues this love of books past age 5.
-AND last but not least Matthew is about to break about 4 teeth so you can only guess how much fun it has been around here lately.

All in all life is good and we feel blessed every day to have really great jobs, an amazing little family, extended family and friends. Let's just hope the weather starts cooling down soon as we are feeling half-baked anytime we go outside lately. Yeah, I know you aren't jealous of our weather now but we'll be having glorious weather in about 2 months and you'll all start suffering from the cold! Seriously the winter weather here makes the suffering of the summer so worth it.


kris said...

I don't think we've talked about this but the kids and I are HUGE HSM fans. We were the geeks playing the CD and learning the songs before the movie came out...those movies are so cheesy but so much fun! Paige and I *heart* Zac Efron

Mom said...

In this mornings Deseret News, in the TV section they stated. I quote The initial showing of "High School Musical 2:, on Friday attracted and estimated 17.2 million viewers an absolutely astonishing number that made it the most-watched telecast on basic cable EVER! Over the three nights they figure 33.1 million watched it. High School Musical 3 will probably come out in the Theatres. If 11 million fans came to see it . They would gross over 55 million dollars.