Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bows, Headbands and Bow Holders for sale!

I was a vendor at a little carnival tonight and things didn't sell well so I put together some pictures of my inventory. If you are interested in anything email me at and I can answer questions. I can also take close up pictures and email them to you of individual bows if you want to see them closer.

I'll be heading to Utah next week so if you are in AZ I can stop by before Wednesday and drop them off or if you are in Utah and I can stop by anytime the next 3 weeks starting on Monday November 8th.

If you live outside of Utah or AZ I'm happy to ship to you too. Please share my blog link with anyone you know that might be interested in buying bows.

All bows are hand tied individually with wire and the double bows are tied and then glued and stacked on each other and the ends are finished so they won't fray. All my bows are tied especially so they poof and don't lie flat like most bows do on the market. They are all finished with covered clips on the back. I can add some non-slip to the clips for no charge. I do this to all of Isabelle's clips since she's still little and has thinner hair.

All the hair bow holders have 2 ribbons so you can clip onto both or just the top ribbon and has a D-Ring on the back so you can hang on your wall. I love this in Isabelle's room so my bows don't get smooshed in a drawer, I remember what I have, and they look really cute hanging from a flower.

Stretchy Headbands: $2.50 - great for babies as you can clip on the bows while they don't have hair.
Single Bows: $5
Double Bows: $8
Sparkle Headbands: $9
Fabric Headbands: $10
Bow Holders: $15

Stretchy Headbands

Only come in white and are 1.5 inches tall. Stretch well and don't hurt. I used similar ones with my daughter. The little holes in the band are great for clipping on bows and mixes and matches well. I used my white one the most.

Types of Ribbon
I mainly use 3 types of ribbon - Grosgrain, Satin, and Sheer
Grosgrain - Has a little ribbing to it and is thicker and stands up better
Satin - Is thinner and feels softer and is shiny
Sheet - See through ribbon

Single Bows

Bows L-R, Top to Bottom:
Blk/White Polka Dot Satin, Gingham Satin, Green Flower Satin, Blk/White Gingham Satin, Blk/White Polka Sheer, Green Polka Grosgrain.

Double Bows

Yellows and Whites

Bows L-R, Top to Bottom:
Yellow flowered ribbon w/yellow sheer ribbon, Yellow flower ribbon w/white grosgrain ribbon, White grosgrain ribbon w/yellow satin polka ribbon and yellow flower middle, White satin ribbon with blue polka grosgrain ribbon.

Creams/Light Pinks

Bows L-R, Top to Bottom:
Pink polka grosgrain with light pink lace like ribbon and pink flower middle, Pink Polka grosgrain and white satin, Off white/Ivory grosgrain and light pink lace like ribbon, Light Tan grosgrain and Light/Dk pink Polka/Stripe grosgrain ribbon.

Dark Pinks

Bows L-R, Top to Bottom:
Pink/Red Polka grosgrain and lace, Dk Pink grosgrain and white satin ribbon, Dk Pink Stripe and Black Diamond grosgrain, Dk Pink grosgrain and lace w/dk pink flower, Dk Pink w/black stitching grosgrain and Black Polka sheer - SOLD, Dk Pink grosgrain and pink/green striped


Bows L-R, Top to Bottom:
Black Polka Dot grosgrain and Solid red grosgrain with red flower, Grey grosgrain and red polka grosgrain, Red grosgrain and red/dk pink polka grosgrain, Red polka grosgrain and white/black polka sheer, Red/Dk pink polka and red striped satiny with clear jewel center, Red polka grosgrain and red striped satiny, Red striped satiny and black/white polka sheer


Bows L-R, Top to Bottom:
Bright Green striped grosgrain and green polka grosgrain, Bright green striped grosgrain and multi-colored striped satin with dk. pink flower center, Kelly green polka grosgrain and white satin, Kelly green polka grosgrain and White flowered sheer, White Satin and green flowered satin, Green polka grosgrain and multi-colored satin


Bows L-R, Top to Bottom:
Dk Purple w/ white stitching grosgrain and stiffer lace like cream ribbon, Dk Purple w/ white stitching grosgrain and black/white gingham with clear jewel center, Cream lace and light purple polka satin, Dk Puple w/white stitching and light brown paisley satin, Dk puple w/white stitching and light purple polka satin


Bows L-R, Top to Bottom:
White Satin and Light Brown Paisley Satin, Brown Polka grosgrain and Light brown Paisley satin, Brown satin and Light pink lace like, Brown Polka grosgrain and Green flower satin, Brown polka grosgrain and brown lace, Brown satin and Royal blue polka grosgrain

Black and White

Bows L-R, Top to Bottom:
Black/white checkered satin and pink stiffer lace like, Black/White Polka grosgrain and b/w checkered satin, b/w polka grosgrain and b/w polka sheer

Holiday Bows

Bows L-R, Top to Bottom:
Red satin and red/green satin, Gold metallic and red/green satin with gold edging,Gold metallic and red/green satin with gold edging with green and red holiday balls middles, Green grosgrain and red/green satin with gold edging, Green grosgrain and red/green satin with gold edging and red/green holiday balls middles, White/gold metallic stripe satin and maroon velvet.

Sparkly Headbands

Red/White Polka with white bow on Red Sparkly Headband

Stiffer Cream Lace like bow w/dk pink flower middle on Dk Pink Sparkly Headband

Black/White Polka Sheer on Black Sparkly Headband

White Flower Sheer Ribbon on Dk Pink Sparkly Headband

Light Olive Green Satin Bow on Sparkly Grey Headband

Red/Green Holiday Bow on Sparkly Headband

Fabric Headbands

Light Pink Polka w/Light Pink Lace Like ribbon and Light Pink flower middle

Blk/White Polka with Blk/White Gingham Satin

Blk/White Polka with Blk/White Diamond grosgrain

Bow Holders

Bow Holders L-R:
-Yellow/Pink Flower Ribbon and Yellow Polka Sheer with Large Yellow Flower
-Dk Pink/Red Polka Grosgrain and Blk/White Diamond Grosgrain with Large Red Flower
-Dk Pink Grosgrain with Blk/White Checkered Grosgrain with Large Pink Flower
-Dk Purple w/white stitching Grosgrain and Light Purple Polka Satin with Large Purple Flower
-Brown Satin and Royal Blue Polka Grosgrain with Large Cream Flower
-Kelly Green Polka Grosgrain and White Grosgrain with Large Cream Flower
-Blk/White Polka Satin with White Grosgrain with Large Dk Pink Flower
-Muli-Stripe Satin with White Grosgrain with Large Light Pink Flower - SOLD

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