Friday, July 02, 2010

Final Weigh In

I am still waiting on the before and after photos to post here, but my final weigh-in was exactly 40 pounds. I was first to weigh-in Thursday morning and didn't eat anything and only took a few sips of water and peed right before I weighed in. I was over 40 pound weight loss at home, but knew the scale at work was different so wanted to make sure I hit the 40 pound mark which I DID!!!.

I am so proud of myself and my hard work. I committed to myself to working out 6 days a week the entire challenge and didn't miss 1 time. It's about time I took back control of my weight and body and can't believe the transformation that I've already gone through in 4 short months. One of my favorite quotes I came across at the beginning was essentially: "These months will pass regardless of what you do - do you want to change or still be the same?" I chose to CHANGE and never look back! These are permanent life changes I have made and great healthy food and working out is now part of my routine. I still have 24 pounds to go, but I know I can do it. My goal is to get to my goal weight by mid-September.

I am working hard on my essay and will post about it once it's off to the judges.

Here is how the judging breaks down:
50% is before and after pictures and stats
50% is the essay that is between 250-500 words

Essay is due July 16.
Results are announced August 10.

I have great plans for my essay and will update when I can. I am getting my final BMI results done next Thursday to include in my essay.

I am nervous about how everyone else has done and am shooting for first place so we'll see what happens. If you are on Facebook be on the lookout on August 10th about the results. Thanks for all your support and kind words. It's not always easy attacking the fat and making the hard choices to win your body back.


dan and ashley said...

you go girl!

Jen said...

You are an inspiration!