Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Before & After Pictures

Ok-I don't have my official weigh-in before & after pictures STILL, but I included some before pictures I had of me and some "after" pictures from our vacations at the end of June. Shocking really. I think I was really fooling myself that it wasn't that bad. I can beat myself for letting things get to where they were or I can just be proud of where I've come to date and keep in mind my goal and to keep working to get there. The pages below I'll be including in my essay booklet.

p.s. Please notice Jordan's great weight loss too. He's lost 30 pounds since about September of last year. He just hasn't been vocally talking about it on here. He's fitter than he's ever been and is in super great running shape. He looks amazing and has some "skinny" jeans that look really good.

So...in addition to the 41 pounds, I've lost 2 inches in each of my upper arms, 9 inches in my waist, 4 inches off my behind, 5 inches in each of my thighs and then some other in other places for a total of 46.6 inches totally lost so far. I was a tight 14 and in L-XL shirts and am now in S-M shirts and size 8 pants. I'm hoping to be in a size 6 by Celebration, but we'll see. I haven't seen these sizes in a really long time. I am still sometimes amazed at how just watching my calories and exercising every day for 35-45 minutes has changed my body so quickly in 4 months. If I can do it, really so can anyone else. I was so unmotivated and lazy, but now that I'm in the habit and feel great I don't want to get back out of shape again. I don't want to go through this process again. This is the new me and way of life.


Jacob and Natalli said...

that's awesome! Before and After pictures are one of my all time favorite things.

Kris said...

You look fantastic!!!

LKC said...

You look great, Karin (and very young)! This is really motivating!

Heather said...

Good work!