Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Hard Day, A Long Day

Last Tuesday I had a very very very very long day.

Matthew was frustrated and screaming at the top of his lungs in the morning because of something that wasn't working the way he wanted it to. I asked him to tell me that he needed help instead of just screaming. He was playing in his room later and then I hear "help". I go in there and he had climbed inside of his Einstein play center, but couldn't get out. I got him out and he proceeded to climb right back in. Cracked me up!

Matthew has a humidifier in his room because he's been stuffy and it spits water out when it's full so I had a towel underneath it. Earlier in the day I was thinking that I needed to move the towel and wash it, but I didn't. It's a good thing because when I went in his room to "help" him I noticed that the humidifier was tipped over and all of the water had spilled out. I had to Bissell that up and of course all Matthew wanted to do was get in my way and play with the cleaner.

Matthew then asked for some chips so I was getting some out of our really packed Pantry and knocked a Korma (Indian sauce) bottle off the shelf and it landed on my toe and sliced it pretty bad. The sauce splattered all over my clothes and Matthew's clothes so I stripped us both down, tried to keep Matthew out of the mess (and broken glass), cleaned up the mess, and meanwhile was leaking blood from my toe everywhere. I finally was able to clean up my toe and because our clothes smelled so bad from the Korma had to start a load of laundry. Matthew got splattered so I threw him into the bath and cleaned him up too.

This all happened before 11 am.

We were planning on going to a concert Tuesday night to see the Editors and around noon our babysitter who we had lined up about 3 weeks prior called to tell me that she hadn't been feeling great. She had fainted 3 times on Sunday and had gone to the Dr. They didn't know if she had Valley Fever (a real disease in AZ) or Pneumonia. Well, I really didn't want Matthew exposed so we had to scramble to find someone to watch Matthew. Jordan worked on that while I did some work (we are so busy with two major events coming up). Our good friends Kari and Garrin agreed to watch Matthew so we could go to the concert.

On the website for the concert it stated that it started at 6:30-btw the concert was in a very unique venue-let's just say we aren't goth so we stood out a bit. We really didn't want to watch the first band so we went to dinner (Us, Ray and Em) and then headed over around 7:15 to what we thought was perfect timing for the concert. After we went inside we figured out that DOORS opened at 6:30, but the first band didn't start until 8 pm. We also saw a sign that said "No re-entry no exceptions". We really didn't want to wait around another 2 hours until the band we liked got started so Jordan sweet talked the entrance girl-who gave him the 5th degree, why were we leaving, were we going to go get drunk....ummmmm NO. We were going to go get ice cream. She let us out (luckily).

We went to downtown Tempe-ASU to find an ice cream location. We wasted about another hour stuffing our faces and talking about losing weight. When we got back to the concert the 1st band was screaming and almost done. The 2nd band wasn't bad, but I can't handle loud noises anymore and the screeching of the singer so Jordan and I sat outside with the smokers enjoying the noise from a distance.

We had originially thought that we'd get done around 10:30 and be back around 11:00. The Editors didn't get on the stage until almost 10 pm (my BEDTIME!), but they really did rock the house. They are amazing and really talented. You can read about them on Jordan's blog here.

We left the concert around 11:30 and got to Kari and Garrin's around Midnight. Picked up Matthew and got home around 12:30 am. I was emailing on my new work Treo with my boss on the way home and told her I CAN'T do this anymore. I am way too old. She was up late too and agreed.

If I had known it was going to be that late I might not have gone. The worst part was getting up the next morning early to get Matthew ready and drop him off at daycare and go into work. I'm definitely not a late owl anymore and frequently drop off to sleep now a days while watching movies or my shows.

Jordan is working on our Costa Rica Trip blog and it should be posted soon. I'm trying to be better about blogging as I've been a real slacker lately.


Heather said...

I'm tired just thinking about being awake that long! Hope your toe feels better!

Jessica said...

What a day! I couldn't help but laugh, being able to sympathize with a crazy morning! Don't you love being a mom! Hope your toe is healing! I guess days like that happen so we have something to blog about!

Hyrum and Tiana Johnson said...

I'm not a night owl either, although lately my newest baby keeps me up til 12:30am. Remember the days at Ricks when we'd rent 5 movies for 5 days and $5, and we'd stay up all night watching them? Oh, the nights of 19 year olds!