Friday, July 20, 2007

Made in China

This seriously just happened to me about 5 minutes ago and I just had to post about this.

We received these very cute "handmade" pillowcases almost 10 years ago for our wedding. They are white and have a crocheted part at the top of the opening. They don't really match our room now as our duvet cover has cream instead of white in it, but I couldn't bear not to use them since someone "lovingly" hand stitched them. The white pillows against the cream has been bugging me for about a year, but still I used them.

Today I was making the bed (at 11 am-at least it's done!) and I had washed these pillowcases the other day so I was putting it back on the pillow inside out without knowing. I go to take it off to flip it right side out and notice a tag inside the pillowcase. What does it say? Let me guess-MADE IN CHINA!!!

I cannot believe I have been keeping these pillowcases for 10 years and they are made in china off of a machine. All of the love and care that I thought was there is poof now gone!

In all fairness I just now thought to myself, well maybe someone just "BOUGHT" white pillowcases and then embroidered on the ends. I just went and inspected them closely and it "IS" possible that this is what happened. Maybe the love and care is still there? Well, they are off my bed anyhow and now reside on the guest bed so if any of you come to visit please inspect my "handmade" pillowcases VERY, VERY closely and give me your verdict. (Mom can you bring your magnifying glass in October for this task?)

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Heather said...

My question is..who gave you these "Handmade" pillow cases?!