Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I have to admit that I like to watch shows that don't make sense to the rest of the way I live. I love to watch things like the Ukanuba Dog Show and we will never have a dog in this house. I think I can appreciate the creatures of the world without being up close-right?

I look forward every year to Shark Week on Discovery and it started Sunday-yay!. This year is its 20th Anniversary and wow I get the shivers and renew to never go in the Ocean (Jordan too) again every year. I can chalk this week up to expanding my brain cells as I have learned some very interesting gems of info and it's only day 3 of Shark Week.

So far I've learned:
-Florida is the #1 place to get an attack. There have been 255 attacks since 1990 and you have a 90% chance of survival.
-Don't swim at dusk or dawn, in murky water, alone, by seals, or in chummed water (duh!)
-Hong Kong and Tokyo made the Top 10 places for an attack (10,9 respectively), who would have thought?
-Most Shark Attacks happen in less than 5 feet of water
-People swim with Great Whites of their own accord to test their bravery. These people did not have chain mail on, but did have a cage they could swim in and out of for safety.
-The worst shark attack occurred during WWII in 1945 when the U.S.S. Indianaopolis sunk and over 900 men went overboard. The sharks mainly picked off the dead or dying and unfortunately only 321 survived, most died due to sharks but mainly to the weather and drinking salt water. It was a VERY fascinating and harrowing story.
-If you ever get attacked punch the shark or poke it's eyes (I do know this from previous years of watching).

I am off to finish watching my DVR full of shark shows from yesterday and today. I have:
-Shark Feeding Frenzy, they examine if sharks really attack humans on purpose.
-Deadly Stripes: Tiger Sharks
-Top 5 Eaten Alive
-10 Deadliest Sharks (2 part show)

I have more DVRing the rest of this week and Jordan really wonders why I watch shows like these and the Eukanuba Dog Show when in real life I wouldn't keep a furry pet or go Surfing (unless covered in chain mail). It really makes him laugh and scratch his head!

Other good shows to catch on Discovery!
Discovery has some amazing shows like:
-Planet Earth with gorgeous scenery that took 5 years to shoot and compile.
-My favorite Discovery show is Meerkat Manor which returns August 10th. Meerkat Manor follows a cute little Meerkat family of about 20+ and the danger and challenges they face. It's seriously adorable and fascinating (and no I won't have a Meerkat for a pet either-maybe a fish or an outside Tortoise).
-Richard Smith (our friend EmmaLee's bro.) reminded me of Dirty Jobs with yum-o Mike Rowe and getting gross and dirty. Makes me gag sometimes (do you know how you artifically inseminate a cow?) but other times like cheese making is really cool! All I know is that I couldn't host that show.
-Ok, now I thought of one more discovery show that is my all time favorite-Deadliest Catch. It follows about 6 or so ships and their Alaskan crab fishing experiences. There are deaths every year and the pay-out is huge: like $40,000 for a month of fishing. The water is freezing and they hardly ever sleep. I love it!

Once again this shows how my life/shows watching doesn't make sense, I tried deep fishing once and threw up for 6 LONG HOURS! I'll never go out in a small boat in the Ocean again. Literally I was green when I got back to the hotel. I should have stayed and shopped with my mom and sister-in-law.


dick smith said...

Well, my wife said she found your blog as she was blog stalking and I have taken it upon myself to comment. I love the discovery channel as well and am frequently watching mythbusters, dirty jobs, man v wild etc. As long as it doesn't entail a baby bursting forth from the womb I like it.

Sam Spade said...

You know I have a book called War Letters and in it is a letter from one of the sailors who went into the water when the USS Indianapolis went down and they spent days in the water. Horrible stuff.

Dick&Erica said...

Hi Karin...we found your blog on Jordan's Bitter Larry one. I put you on our links because I like to see your cute little Matthew...I hope you don't mind. Hope you guys are doing well.

Erica (& Richard) Smith