Thursday, September 15, 2011

Facepainting fun!

We have been so busy this summer and with the start of school.  I can't believe I haven't blogged for so long.  I'm hoping to get some more pictures posted soon from our summer fun!

I am having a few moments here and there to myself with Matthew being in kindergarten - really 7:45-10:35 doesn't give me much time.  I decided to scrapbook some cute pics this morning that we took at Jordan's summer work party.  His group had a family picnic/BBQ in August.  It was at a lake and had facepainting, BBQ food, bingo and a jumpy house...and other things that we didn't participate in.  It was really fun and we got there relatively early and decided to take advantage of the face painting (free!) before the lines got too long.

Matthew knew he wanted a batman face right away.  All black is a little complicated to see any features so I suggested the batman mask and he was all for it.  For a pretty wiggly kid he sat perfectly still and did whatever she asked while he was getting painted.  He looked so awesome and I cracked up everytime I looked at him.  He loved playing bingo (he thought just five squares total was Bingo and so yelled Bingo 1 time and I had to yell he was just kidding) he was seriously so cute looking to see if either of our boards had the right numbers.  He loved the jumpy house and was so disgustingly sweaty and dirty by the time we left.  I wiped off his whole mask before we drove home.  He looked like he had eyeliner on, it was so cute!

I have the say that the face painter artist was so amazing!  She could create anything.  There were a lot of little girls that were getting butterflies, unicorns and other girly things so of course Isabelle wanted a butterfly.  I was so impressed that she stayed completely still while the girl painted her face.  A lot of the bottom portion of the butterfly came off while she was eating so I wiped off the rest of the bottom off and she wore the top part the rest of the time we were there.  She was a sweaty mess by the end of the day from jumping in the castle so I wiped off the whole thing before we drove home.

All in all a really fun day spent together and a good day for Jordan to be out of the office.

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