Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break

Can I even tell you how excited I am to be going on vacation to Arizona????? Don't get me wrong, we are really loving it here in Oregon and are meeting some great people and I really am enjoying being at home with my kids, but I miss the sunshine and warmth. Our official spring break is next week, but all of AZ is having their spring break this week so we are heading out early and seeing and absorbing as many friends as we can. It'll be nice to be with friends where it's easy and the history of our friendship is already built. So, so excited - plus 85+ degree weather doesn't hurt either!

I can't wait to feel the warmth of the sun on my back, to wear my flip flops, shorts, capris and short sleeve shirts that haven't seen daylight since we moved. I even bought some new clothes for the occasion. My Nook is loaded up with good reads - if I have time. We have snacks packed for the plane ride (no we are NOT driving 22 hrs to AZ) and our netbook ready with movies. I am a bit worried about Miss Isabelle on the plane because of her inability to sit still for longer than 10 min. Hoping we can keep her awake through the ride to the airport so she'll konk out on the plane.

Besides seeing friends I'm also looking forward to hitting our favorite food joints. It is pathetic that in addition to making our itinerary that we made a list of all the food we need to consume? :)

We need to go to:
-In-n-Out - duh!
-Tia Rosa's - best Mexican ever!
-RigaTony's - yummy Italian!
-Floridino's - best calzone's!
-Dilly's Deli - a superb sandwich/soup shop
-Cafe Rio or Costa Vida - none here and Chipotle just doesn't cut it for me
-Some greek place our friends found that has good hummus

Optional Places to eat (they are in UT so I can hit them this summer if needed):
-Rumbi Grill
-Pei Wei - how they cannot have this in OR is beyond me!
-Paradise Bakery - I just found one in OR this weekend that is 30-40 minutes away, better than nothing!

My load of laundry finally finished drying so I'm off to finish packing and need to stop wasting time. Hello AZ here we come!!

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Heather said...

Yippeee! Have a great time! And In N Out is in CENTERVILLE now so you can easily hit that when you visit ME!
Enjoy the sunshine!