Monday, September 28, 2009


We had some extra tickets to use from last year before they expired and figured the week after labor day would be pretty low key. Matthew and Isabelle did so great and I was surprised at the amount of rides Isabelle could go on with us.

Our friends Kari and Garrin and their kids that are about the same age as ours went with us and it was pretty fun having other adults to go on rides with and watch the kids so we could go on big rides. It was also so nice having park hopper tickets. We went back and forth a lot. The 3rd day we went into Disneyland (it opens earlier than CA), took family pics, rode on Pirates and then headed over to CA to catch the Toy Story Mania ride that is really popular before it got too crowded.

Matthew especially loved the characters this year (last year made him cry). He thought they were so funny and gave them all hugs. I think my favorite moment was with Minnie Mouse/Matthew/and Isabelle, so cute and sweet! Here are some of my favorite pics from Disney. Can't wait for our next trip. Everytime it makes me want to get season passes and go more often.

Matthew saw his Mickey shirt the other day and told me we needed to go to Disneyland. I think he had a really good time.

Day 1 in Toon Town

We found Goofy and Matthew told him "Hi, but I want to see Donald"-nice! We never did get to meet Donald. We found him one time and was trying to go meet him but they cut off the line. :(

Day 2-Back at Toon Town, I made Matthew go on the Kiddie Roller Coaster. Afterwards he told me "That was scary!" I asked if we wanted to go again and he said, "NO!" Funny though now that we are at home he talks about going on the roller coaster again.

We were heading over to California Adventures and found Minnie. Minnie thought Isabelle was so cute!

Our first stop right when we went into California Adventures. Who doesn't love Woody?

Matthew and Jordan waiting in line to meet Mickey. I was on camera duty and watching a sleeping Isabelle.

We found Pluto too!

Chew-chew Train ride in Bug's life-boring!

Matthew always wanted to be looking at the maps. He's studying intently on our ride back to the hotel after Day 2. He always wanted to know where we were on the map. He's too smart for his own britches.

Start of Day 3-family pic time.

We got some fast passes for Splash Mountain mid-day and hung around that area for awhile having a pit stop, going on the Winnie the Pooh ride multiple times and visiting the Pooh friends multiple times.
Matthew gave Tigger some twigs to eat here.

One of my favorite character pics.

Waiting in line for Monsters Inc. - good ride for the little ones.

We do always say that Maggie is Matthew's girlfriend. He's too young to be starting that business.

Waiting outside of Tower of Terror for Jordan and Kari before we headed back to the hotel. It was getting chilly and it was a perfect place for Matthew to run around.

This was Isabelle pretty much the whole weekend. Just smilin'-poor girl didn't get too many long naps as it was hot and noisy which would wake her up.

Last pics before we left.

Disneyland is always a fun time. Dreaming of when we can take our next trip. We're already talking about doing the big DisneyWorld vacation when Isabelle is 5-6 and Matthew is 8-9. They'll be ready for long days and lots of fun at that age.


Em said...

Fun! We should go in a few years when Brynlee can enjoy it!

Heather said...

Great pictures! Glad you had a great time.