Monday, August 17, 2009

Convention & Potty Training

I returned last week from Convention and am so glad it is over. I knew that coming off of maternity leave and jumping back into crazy work was going to be hard but it was more exhausting than ever and 6 days away from the family was harder than it's ever been. Mostly because I knew Isabelle wasn't sleeping well while I was gone and I just missed being home.

I left on Wednesday the 5th and my parents flew in on Thursday afternoon to help out. I came back on Tuesday the 11th and met Jordan/kids and my parents at the airport. We had lunch together and then they flew back to Utah. They work at the Temple on Wednesdays and needed to be there both weeks. Jordan said it was great having them here to help out with the kids. It was weird for me to have my parents visiting while I was away but we all know that really only the grandkids matter right?

I committed to myself and Jordan that right after Convention we would start in on the Potty training hard. 3 yr old poopies is disgusting and I'm sick of changing them. We started Saturday and have set a timer every 30 min. to take Matthew to the potty. He's really only had accidents while he's playing computer games because he's too lazy to get down and go so he's banished from those for awhile. He even went poop once yesterday and it was huge so I'm glad it was there instead of in his underwear.

Matthew is a very smart kid but just lazy in wanting to stop his activities to go. He'd rather just hide and pee and then continue what he's doing. We were using Star Wars guys as rewards but he's earned them all so now we are moving on to treats. He loves treats so that's working well.

My friend Kris who's son is about 2 1/2 months younger than Matthew is potty trained and we went to lunch on Friday and she was sharing some tips. She mentioned setting a timer, moving the potty into the kitchen, and that she had a frog potty. On Saturday we started with a timer, moved his potty into the kitchen and things were going ok. While at walmart on Saturday I saw the frog potty and wanted to get it but Jordan talked me out of it. When I got home I saw Matthew trying to go potty in this tiny blue potty we had and it was way too small and making seriously ring dents in his bum. Jordan had to go back to Walmart to get some wrapping paper for a wedding present and I had him pick up the froggy potty.

Things are going much better now with the froggy potty. It's super easy for Matthew to sit on and go and he won't spill anywhere. He thinks it's really cute too so it's makes going in even easier. He's so proud of himself when he goes and we give him tons of praise. Seriously cute! So far accident free today but we're only half way through the day. I'm hoping the rest of the week will be easier.

I think this potty training business is the hardest thing I've had to do yet as a parent so far. I know, I know you are all thinking this is nothing compared to when they grow up. I think the hardest thing was convincing Matthew that he wanted to give up the diapers and be a big boy and go in the potty. He seems to be pretty on board now so we'll see.

Isabelle started on cereal today. She hated it and wrinkled her nose at every bite but did swallow a little bit. It's a good start to her eating pureed vege's/fruits.

These milestones are fun to experience with our kids.


kris said...

Glad that you're having lots of success! Isn't the froggy potty awesome?!

Flwrgirl said...

It is awesome! We should have gotten it earlier.

Em said...

Thanks for coming to the reception! Good luck with the potty adventures!

Heather said...

Oh la la, not looking forward to this one! Good work guys.

Melisse Myers said...

hope the potty training is still going o.k. It was a year ago when I started potty training Carter, and I am still amazed to this day when he goes into the bathroom and takes care of business all on his own! don't give up...even when you get poopy underwear!