Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacations, vacations, vacations

We've been packing it in before I finished maternity leave. We went to Seattle for 10 days, came home for a week and then left for Beatty for the 4th of July, went to Kaysville for a few days, and then to Antimony Utah for a family (my immediate-all 8 kids and their spouses and most of the grandkids) reunion-11 days in all. It's been crazy and today I'm back at work. Our house is a disaster and we have tons of laundry to do but it was nice to get home and back into our own beds. We drove 8 hours home yesterday and were too pooped to do much except take care of the kids. I went to bed at 9:30 and still feel super tired today. I'm working a long day at work today so we'll see how much we get done tonight.

All in all great vacations, lots of good memories and we are stocked full of photos to post here in the next few days and for me to scrapbook.

I'm just really hoping that Isabelle does great this week with the babysitter.

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Heather said...

Welcome home. It was so great to see you and Isabelle. Next time, I hope we get to see the whole fam. Glad you had a great trip with you family.