Monday, November 10, 2008

Kung Fu Panda and sexes of babies in my family

We rented Kung Fu Panda this weekend and Matthew LOVES it! We watched it as a family on Saturday night after I got home from my event and he keeps wanting to watch it. Pretty cute! I think we'll have to add to our collection. We need to rent Madagascar too as I think he'd really LOVE it.

So, my (Karin) six older siblings have had either a boy first and then a girl next or a girl first and then a boy second. Jordan comes from a family of all boys and his two brothers have had: Brother #1-Boy, boy, girl and Brother #2-Girl, boy. what do you think we'll have??? Do you think we'll break the history of 6 children in my family and have a boy instead of a girl or do you think we'll follow with the streak and have a girl? Vote in our new poll on the right. We find out on November 20th what we're having so I'll announce and we'll see how many of you were right.

I'm on week 18 right now and I can't believe I'm almost half way through. It's been pretty easy so far except for the constant fatigue. I have a week long event that I am leaving for tomorrow and I just hope I can get through the long days with little sleep. It might just kill me off and I'll be excited for a few days break over Thanksgiving.

(I'm secretly hoping for a girl, but I really just want a healthy baby either way).


LKC said...

I voted girl.

Jay S said...

We are hoping you get your girl Karin! Although I think Matthew migth enjoy a brother. Calvin has finally gotten to the age where Quinton likes playing with him and includes him. Before that it was always "Calvin just destroys everything!" He has a little bit of Godzilla in him I think.

Heather said...

I am voting boy. Call me crazy.
But a healthy baby is my biggest hope.

kris said...

We're excited to see what you're having!