Monday, October 13, 2008

Ramblings from a tired pregnant lady!

I've just had 2 events back to back and with being pregnant I've been pretty wiped out and being VERY lazy lately! I'm on the go again this weekend to San Francisco and Anaheim for site visits to the hotels we are having our two large events at in February and next August.

Jordan left early this morning for Oregon and will be back on Thursday the day I leave for San Fran. Matthew will be here with the babysitter when I leave and Jordan will be back to relieve her in the evening. Needless to say this week will be a little crazy. It's always weird when Jordan's not around to talk to and help out. We'll miss him!

Speaking of pregnancy I feel pretty lucky that so far I've had it fairly easy. My first 12 weeks weren't bad at all and I only had a couple of days of feeling nauseous in the morning or evening. I've mostly just been tired and feel like doing nothing at the end of the day. I definitely have to eat about every 2 hours or my body does weird things like get headaches and dizziness. I'm in the middle of my 14th week right now, so in about a month we should be finding out what we are having.

It's really cooled down here the past couple of days. I know that my parents in Utah have had a cold front and my brother in Ogden got snow so it's getting chilly up there. I didn't think it would affect us much, but it's been around 75 here. A tich chilly but a nice break from the hot weather.

We made pot roast and homemade rolls last night for dinner. We tried the roast a different way that we usually make it and I think it's the best we've ever made (technically Jordan made it-I directed from the couch). :) I went to Penzey's (the best spice store EVER!) on Saturday and thought I had gotten a Pot Roast rub, but I guess I didn't erggghhh...anyways here is what we did.

-Rub a pot roast with seasoning of your choice. We did Montreal steak seasoning since we didn't have the pot roast seasoning.
-Sear each side in Olive Oil in a heavy pot (I have a cast iron pot that is enamel covered). I think about 3-5 min. on each side is good enough. You leave it alone to make a nice crust in the oil.
-After we seared each side we added 3 cups of beef broth into the pot, covered with the lid and then stuck it into the oven on 350 for about 3 hours.

Pretty simple and maybe all of you make it that way, but I haven't so it was something new for us. It was the moistest pot roast we've ever had and I can't wait to make a roast beef sandwich soon with one of our leftover rolls. Yum-o.

We're doing some fun things this weekend so I'll post pics next week.

Funny things Matthew has done lately...
-Told me good job this morning when I sang the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song with him (I always tell him good job).
-Scrunches up his nose when he says "Orangege".
-Scared me....he says that now when we scare him and then he laughs.
-He acts out the beginnings of some of our movies or says the words along with the movies while watching them.
-Loves to build towers with his blocks and then gets a huge grin on his face and knocks them all down.
-Now that we've been watching word world he's trying to spell things. He'll see a word and start spelling it. Smile...i, b, r, k. It's cute! He gets the concept but not how to do it yet.

Most of the time Matthew is such a happy fun loving kid. We have implemented the naughty circle at our house (a circle mat we have) that he sits on in our dining room for time out. This has been working pretty effeciently and is much better for everyone to keep us calm.

Off to start laundry from yesterday and today blow-outs. Matthew is a little stuffed up and I think a little sick. I'm trying to keep him hydrated and well as he needs to get better by this weekend because of the fun things we're doing. More ramblings later...


Hyrum, Tiana and kids said...

I hope you have a girl since that's what I'm having. I'm dying to try your pot roast recipe. Sounds divine!

Heather said...

Looking forward to hearing what fun things you are doing this weekend.
Glad also that you are feeling okay.

dan and ashley said...

hey karin & jordan! congrats!!!!!!! i stumbled upon you from amy's blog!
~ashley mascorro