Monday, June 16, 2008

Einstein Baby

Matthew was an Einstein Baby mostly because I forced him to be. He had the Einstein swing (gift from Jordan's parents), playcenter (gift from my sister and brother), DVD's (which he loved), a few toys, and books. I do think he's pretty smart so maybe some of it rubbed off on him.

When Matthew was almost 1 month old I took about 30 pictures or so of him in his Einstein swing. I've loved those pictures for a long time and finally scrapped them the other night.

Awhile ago I also scrapped some pictures of Matthew in his Einstein playcenter. He loved that playcenter so much! He still has that same smile and crinkly eyes and unfortunately the exact same binky.

Our newest plan of attack is to move on from the binky. It's been hard since he's been sick, but we also cave way too easily. It's against the rules to have a binky when he's at daycare so we know he can go without it. Maybe we're just not ready for the fight yet? I've read some good strategies so we need to implement them soon.

He's getting over some nastiness again. He had a temp of 103 the other night pretty much all through night and woke up at 3 am crying his eyes out. He was having almost a mini-seizure and finally calmed down when I held and soothed him and went back to sleep. It freaked us out as he was so stiff and would not calm down. Jordan googled it and I guess it can happen when kids are having high temps. When we went to the Dr.'s he still had a temp of 100 and we found out he had a really bad throat and ear infections. This is the last time for infected ears so one more time and we are definitely seeing a ENT Dr. In some ways I'd just like to go the tubes route and get the surgery over with. I think Matthew would be much healthier if we could keep his ears clean and off the antibiotics. I hate doing this antibiotic stuff over and over. We have another check-up next week so we'll go from there.


Heather said...

The pictures of him in his swing are awesome! I love the smile on his face. That is how I think of Matthew, always with a smile!

Dick&Erica said...

I just love his cute cheeks! He is adorable. Good luck with the pacifier. We took Ella's away cold turkey at 15 months and I think we missed it more than she did. The hardest part was not having it at church because she would fall asleep there with it. After we took it away, there was no chance she would go to sleep during church.