Monday, April 28, 2008

Sick again...and going digital

Well us Stephens have had a rough last couple of weeks. Matthew got really sick on Thursday night and we were up until 3:30 am trying to get him constantly cleaned up and sleeping w/out throwing up. I was suffering from an infection in my old root canal that now needs to be re-rooted. That pain can take anyone out. Jordan got SICK Sunday night and worked from home Monday. Jordan worked from home today because Matthew was running a slight fever last night and just plain looked sick this morning. I'm just hoping the rest of this week gets better.

Besides being sick we've been doing the following....
-Two weeks ago I went to Dallas on a Wednesday night for a site visit on Thursday and then flew to Vegas Thursday night for a site visit on Friday. Jordan flew up with Matthew Friday night and we hung out with his family on Saturday and then went and saw our friends Dave & Melanie that used to live 5 houses down from us (we miss them-sniff, sniff). They have a son just 2 months younger than Matthew so it was fun to see them playing together. I think Vegas for us now with Matthew being so young is just weird. I definitely felt weird pushing Matthew around in a stroller at Mandalay Bay. It's definitely more of a singles scene at Mandalay than family oriented. We did go shopping at this super nice outlet mall on Saturday with Jordan's brother Skylar and his family and his mom. I scored some sweet deals at the Ann Taylor outlet. I'm so excited!

-This weekend we finally caught up with our friends Mark & Cherilyn which I am ashamed to say we hadn't seen for over a year. They live in Queen Creek which is about an hour from us and time flew before we knew it. They've had a son Brighton in the meantime and he's a cutie. We've resolved to see them much sooner than later. We had some yummy Mexican and laughed like usual as their humor and ours is pretty alike.

-I've been dabbling in the digital scrapbook area for awhile but haven't done a ton of projects. I made some 4x6 pages for Cherilyn and got them printed at Costco as matte pictures and slipped into an album for her so she can put her favorite pictures of Brighton in there (her new son). I decided to venture into doing a 12x12 layout of Matthew so I'm posting a few of my project pages below. Let me clarify that I did not create my own elements I just bought digital kits online that I downloaded and then used digital papers and elements to create my layout in Photoshop Elements. It's super fun and addicting and you can play around with a layout until it's perfect and they way you like without ruining any supplies. I won't go completely digital, but this is a fun alternative to paper scrapping. You can print scrapbook pages out like they were photos at Costco for $2.99 a page. Costco does pages up to 12x18 and I think maybe even bigger.

-We're just trying to get well and I get to go to the Endodontic on Thursday-yipee!. We have decent dental insurance, but I was worried my re-root canal wasn't going to be covered but good news for once is that it's covered 90%. Good thing as he was $105 (total cost, not mine) for a 10 min. consult yesterday and the re-root canal is going to be $1,245 (total cost). Why didn't I think of doing that for a career?

Cherilyn's Album

My first digital 12x12 page

Matthew loves to take anything that is stackable out of the cupboard in our laundry room and organize them in rows or on the steps of our stool. I was taking pictures of what he was doing and he came right up and smiled at me so I got this great pic.


Heather said...

Those pages are adorable! You could make your own baby books and sell them!

Hope the tooth doctor visit went well. Doesn't sound fun. Just remember how you feel about chemistry next time you wonder why you aren't in the dental profession. But then again, Chris Morgan is a dentist so I'm sure you could be a dentist!!

Hyrum, Tiana, Talea, Hyatt & Kiersa said...

You are so stinkin' creative! I always love getting cards from you because they're the most adorable, creative cards I ever get to see! That's really neat you can scrapbook digitally now.