Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Starting Over....:( (sniff, sniff)

Ok, you know your ward is HUGE when it is constantly referred to as the largest ward in the world by the Stake Presidency and other leaders and we checked in at just over 1,000 people on Sunday (no not in attendance). We were so big our Relief Society met in the chapel and even that was getting full.

The 3 wards in Maricopa got split into 5 on Sunday (plus a Spanish branch). Our ward (Maricopa 6th) is teeny tiny in boundaries compared to everyone else. Why am I so sad?...(sniff, sniff) because ALL of my friends are in another ward. Not one single good friend of mine is in my new ward. It's just such a bummer to feel like the new person sitting all alone again after being here for 1.75 years.

Of course Jordan is optimistic because we did inherit a tiny part of the development next to ours that was going to a different ward-they'll know even less people than we do. It's just hard finding couples that we connect with. In the spirit of trying to stay positive, here are some good things about the split.
  1. A new ward building-the old one's AC is kindof broken. I've been getting headaches every Sunday at church lately from the heat.
  2. At least we can meet people and see them regularly. You'd meet a new person in our old ward and not see them for a month and not even realize it because there were so many people.
  3. We MAY get a padded seat for sacrament without arriving 1/2 hr early.
  4. Less noise from all the children. Sacrament was so noisy in our old ward.
  5. Matthew's nursery size should be doable. We had 4 nurseries in our old ward and the 18 month nursery was 30 kids alone. Only 3 months to go-yipee! Yes, we are all looking forward to it. Matthew is going to love playing with the kids and we are going to love not having to fight with his wiggle wormness after Sacrament.
  6. We move up an hour to 2-5 pm from 3-6 pm. Only 4 more months and then we'll get a better schedule-hopefully 9-12.
  7. People who bugged us are not in our ward.

So that's all I can think of right now. Maybe Jordan can think of some additional positive ideas. On the downside there are plenty of positions to fill so that's a scary thought! Please send good vibes our way that we'll meet some cool couples soon.

p.s. I have a friend in Maricopa in another ward and I go to her book group and Bunco group. They are so cool and I wish I could be adopted into that ward. I really click with a lot of them and they are not snobs!


Tom & Monica Jensen said...

Well, since our group of friends in our ward was split, we are determined not to let it affect our social calendars so you're still part of the Bunco and Book Club group! We've gotta stick together. We love ya Karin!

Bitter Larry said...
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Bitter Larry said...

I was actually pretty excited for the ward to split. It is a bummer that a lot of friends are now in another ward, but half of our ward will be new, so it'll be good to get to know some new people. I'm mostly looking forward to being able to know who more than a handful of people are and actually get to know people. I shouldn't say this out loud or put it in writing, but I'm also looking forward to having callings & contributing - we were on the activities committee in the former ward, and there wasn't much to do most of the time. I'm also looking forward to a more sane basketball time - hopefully we can work out Saturday mornings. At the old building they play three days a week at 5 a.m., which might as well be 2 a.m. for me. I usually like a fresh start, so it'll be good.

As for the ward boundaries, it's pretty crazy. Check out the map - it's 14 miles or so from the top black line (the boundary of the reservation) to the bottom (I-8 to San Diego), so the other wards are pretty big area-wise. We are the little grayed-out area. That's another thing I'm looking forward to - our ward should be the most stable one in Maricopa, which will be good in a lot of ways.

9/12/2007 11:31 PM

LKC said...

Enjoy the extra time/sleep you get while you don't have callings. I'm sure you're going to get put to work very soon.