Monday, June 25, 2007

My foot is asleep

Matthew has always been a good nap taker and slept through the night when we moved him into his own room around 4 months (I know, I know we definitely should have moved him sooner). Once he started rolling over he's taken on his favorite sleeping position (see below). You know he's really tired when you put him down and he gets right into the bum in the air position.

We've found him in a few funny positions during naps over the last six months (see pictures for evidence), but the other day took the cake.

Matthew was having trouble taking a nap so I went in to check on him and here is what I found (he had finally fallen asleep). I just had to take a picture before I moved his feet into a better location.

You may think that Matthew always goes down easy for a nap and that just isn't the case. On Sunday we were trying to get him down for a nap early in the morning so he could get in two naps before we left for church (we have church 3-6p). He had a football in his crib for some weird reason and he just wasn't taking a nap. Jordan checked on him and told me to go see what our son was up to. At this point Matthew had been in his crib for about 45 min. trying (I use the term loosely) to take a nap. I peeked into his room and saw that he was throwing his football around and crawling back and forth in his crib having a great time. I knew that Matthew just needed a little settling down as he had been up for 4.5 hours at this point and was tired (even if HE didn't know it). I had to be a mean mom and take his football away, lay him down, and start his quiet music. I told him it was time to take a nap and that I would see him soon. Sure enough he was asleep in about 10-15 minutes. Needless to say he didn't get in his second nap before we left for church and consequently fell asleep on the way home from church (a 10 min. ride). There is way too much to look at while at church even if he is past exhaustion.

So there you go...the most exciting thing in our life revolves around Matthew's sleeping habits. :)

BTW-here's one more funny position I found him in just this morning.

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